Upper School Basketball (she/they)

Upper School Basketball (she/they)

Courtney is happy to be a part of the Athletic Department at Roycemore and contributing to the development of holistic student athletes. She is excited for the opportunity to teach Spanish and coach the Upper School Girls Basketball team in the winter. Go Griffins!

A Letter From Coach B

Good Morning Roycemore Varsity Basketball Parents/Guardians,

I hope this note finds all of you well and that many of you are excited for the upcoming season.
I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2021/22 Varsity Basketball season for
anyone who identifies as she/her/hers and they/them. It will be an absolute privilege to work
with your children and I am incredibly excited about the journey that lies ahead of us.

1. I care deeply about your children having an awesome experience and being part of a positive
and loving team culture. I think this culture will be an enormous factor in our success and the
number one message hammered home to your children in the first few weeks of the season.
2. Every single person in this program matters. Whether your child is a starter, a bench player,
or a manager the role they play is critical to the success of the team.

3. “Clear is kind and Unclear is unkind” – This is a quote I have stolen from Brene Brown. I am
going to do my very best to sit with each player throughout the season to discuss their role, their
strengths and their weaknesses and what they need to accomplish if they want that role to
change. It is possible that the feedback I give will not always be rosy, but it will be an honest
assessment, with input from all members of our coaching staff.

4. I am willing to meet/talk with any player who is unhappy. I believe that players should
advocate for themselves and I will not discuss with you what your child should discuss with me
or any of my decisions as it pertains to X’s and O’s. I have found that drawing this line for
parents/guardians allows players to take ownership in expressing their thoughts and feelings.

5. I ask that each player makes a commitment at the beginning of the season to fully participate
from beginning to end. They show up for each practice and game ready to give their full effort. I
insist on players spending the necessary time during practices to build on skills and build bonds
with other players that will last a lifetime. The only reason to miss a practice is if they are ill, or
someone in their family is ill. Please schedule appointments for non practice days.

Finally, I am fully aware that being a part of our program is demanding for students and parents.
I will begin and end the season by saying an enormous Thank You. Thank you all for your
support, your commitment to your children, and for your loyalty to Roycemore Basketball. I
promise to give an effort every day that honors the sacrifices of the players and their families.

Coach B