Slide Welcome to Admissions Just as every student at Roycemore is treated as an individual, we understand that every path to enrollment is as unique as the family undertaking the process.

Recognizing this, we feel it’s important to approach Admissions with enthusiasm and empathy.
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By fostering school spirit and building community, parents help make Roycemore a second home.

Students, teachers, administrators and parents work together to maintain a community that reflects the School’s core values: respect for others, appreciation of differences, and a commitment to academic excellence in a challenging but non-competitive environment. Roycemores’ commitment to this mission helps support parents during their child’s academic journey. 

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Roycemore provides differentiated learning in order to challenge and support students. We believe that fostering passion in students is the key to success. 

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Our world class faculty is committed to helping Roycemore students succeed in and outside the classroom.

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Roycemore provides opportunities for young people to try new things, explore their passions, and grow as people. 

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The Impact of Roycemore

Reviews from Parents

  • Best parenting decision ever for our seven-year old. Here is why:

    The faculty: The teachers are incredible and genuinely care for each single child.
    The diversity: 48% students are non-Caucasian. The school models a sense of social responsibility by taking part into community-oriented projects.
    Differentiation: The pedagogical approach is all about differentiation. In the lower school, the kids break up into need-based groups across two grades (first and second, third and fourth) for reading and math, with support from a gifted coordinator. Academics are very strong.
    Ethics: The lower school participates in a great program that emphasize “seven habits” including collaboration, respect for others, self-motivation, organization, etc. The teachers design imaginative activities prompting the kids to apply those habits in real life.
    The space: The facilities are bright, clean, and colorful.

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  • We withdrew from a top private school in Chicago following a very bad experience, only to find the true top category of schools in Roycemore. Within three weeks, our son who was very resistant to the idea of change, expressed how happy and relieved he was. The school environment is relaxing and supportive. Roycemore is a demonstration of how children can excel with guidance but not with pressure. This may sound simple but the truth is that it’s a status schools can’t achieve without teachers and leadership who share the same vision. One day, the school had a pajama party. I dropped off the kids, parked, and went in to see if they were experiencing what I had expected. I didn’t see the fun that comes with the awkwardness of being in pajama in school. I saw that my son was simply comfortable. While he found a second home in Roycemore, I had a brief serendipitous moment of knowing we couldn’t have asked for more.

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  • Roycemore is the perfect school for my daughter. Each student is taught at their individual level while also being challenged. Each lesson allows her to be creative and express herself without feeling rushed or stressed. I have seen her anxiety over school disappear overnight because she feels understood and supported. She has made friends and connections that will last a lifetime. I love that Roycemore is diverse and offers scholarships so people, like me, can afford to send their child to this school. There are clubs and activities everyday after school, most are free and some have a nominal cost. These include STEAM, yoga, Mudlarks, chess club, cross country, fitness fun, and math club. There is literally something for everyone to join. My goal is for my daughter to continue her academic journey at Roycemore through 12th grade graduation.

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