Helping Make Independent Education Affordable

Sliding Scale Tuition – Our Philosophy

We believe that the cost of an excellent independent school education should not be a roadblock to any family, regardless of income. However, the published cost of tuition can make it seem an impossible goal for many. It is very important to us that concerns about tuition costs not keep your family from learning more about the opportunity for your child to attend Roycemore.

Our hope is to make the advantages of a Roycemore School education—small class sizes, differentiated instruction, being known personally, a welcoming, diverse community—a reality for as many academically qualified students as possible. That is why financially qualifying families may be able to take advantage of our Sliding Scale Tuition, designed to increase access and give families the opportunity to pay according to their demonstrated need.

Sliding Scale Tuition – How it Works

Families wishing to be considered for sliding scale tuition must apply for tuition assistance during the re-enrollment or application process. For prime consideration, applications for tuition assistance should be fully completed as soon as possible as funds will become more limited as the application and enrollment period progresses. Once the full tuition assistance budget has been allocated, there will be no more sliding scale awards for that school year. If a family’s sliding scale application is still incomplete at the time that classes begin, and there are still sliding scale funds available, the student may be allowed to attend classes upon payment of the application fee and an estimated payment for the first month. This determination will be made by the school’s business office in consultation with the Head of School.

To help us objectively calculate what a family is able to contribute to educational expenses, families are asked to complete an online application through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. All supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format, faxed or mailed to FACTS, including copies of your most recent Federal tax forms. Multiple factors are considered by FACTS when evaluating a family’s ability to pay, including but not limited to: household income, family size, the number of children attending tuition-charging schools, and assets and liabilities not reflected in household income.  The evaluation provided by FACTS is forwarded to Roycemore School.

Roycemore School’s Access and Affordability Committee is responsible for determining the tuition level for families who have applied for sliding scale tuition. The Access and Affordability Committee reviews the completed application and evaluation in FACTS (including documents provided by your family), and with this information, determines a family’s tuition rate. In determining tuition rates, the committee considers a number of factors, including whether a family owns real estate or has other significant investments; lifestyle choices (stay-at-home parent, discretionary spending such as vacations, etc.); other possible sources of funding for tuition; the tuitions being paid by families in similar financial situations; as well as many other factors. With limited funds, the Access and Affordability Committee must consider the financial choices that families make and trusts that families understand the value of an independent school education and are committed to making education a top priority. Because each family’s financial situation is unique, it is not possible to provide a general list of all factors that might be considered, but the committee’s overarching goal is to distribute the limited funds as fairly and equitably as possible. Families should be aware that one of the factors considered by the committee is a family’s net worth—assets less liabilities. Families with a significant net worth will not qualify for sliding scale tuition regardless of their income level. Although the school’s commitment to sliding scale tuition is substantial, every year, the need is greater than available funds, and it is the school’s policy not to allocate these limited funds to families with a significant net worth.  

Not all families who qualify for a reduced rate of tuition will be offered the rate for which they qualify. Over 50% of Roycemore’s current families receive financial aid in the form of tuition reduction.