Roycemore Online

Roycemore Online was launched in response to demand for remote learning during COVID-19 as an option for students who chose to continue to participate in their courses remotely due to health and safety concerns. We created a full-time, off-campus option to accommodate the needs of those students. We decided to expand the Roycemore Online program to service families who have children enrolled in other schools, but are seeking a way to supplement their child’s education with high quality, online courses. 

Full Time Online Education for Students in Grades PreK – 12th

The remote learning experience through Roycemore Online varies by division. In the Middle and Upper School, students participate in courses synchronously from their homes while some students participate on campus. In the Lower School, students work directly with their classroom teacher for multiple one-on-one meetings during the week, with the majority of schoolwork taking place in an asynchronous way. Some synchronous learning will also be scheduled into the school week. If government mandates dictate for the whole school to transition to remote learning, then all students will participate remotely. 

Individual Courses Available for High School Academic Credit

As a service to public school students and homeschool students who are seeking an additional challenge beyond what they are currently receiving, we are pleased to share that Roycemore Online offers a chance for students to take individual classes without being enrolled as a full-time Roycemore student. All courses available are Upper School level courses and pre-requisites do apply for some options. Please check course descriptions below for these details along with dates and times that the class meets. Also note that part-time students can enroll in up to two Roycemore Online courses at one given time. 

Our Curriculum


Explore novels, nonfiction, composition, and literature with the Roycemore English Department.

World Language

Be a global citizen. Classes are offered at all levels in French, Spanish and Mandarin. 


Offerings in the Math Department start with Algebra I and progress up to AP level Calculus.  

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department offers topics as wide ranging as US History, Philosophy, and Consumer Education.


Learn about the world with the Roycemore Science Department starting at the cellular level and working up to the cosmos.

Why Roycemore for Online?

“Roycemore has been an excellent in class school, and it really stepped up with online learning. The synchronous learning online was truly effective, and the resources in the daily schedule were chosen with much thought. The teacher used online resources creatively, judiciously, and kept my child accountable. Bravo!”

– Roycemore Parent 

About Roycemore Upper School

Roycemore’s Upper School has a rigorous and comprehensive college-prep curriculum on a personal scale. While we prepare our students individually for academic success in college, we promote an active program to encourage, aid, and guide the student in recognizing and fulfilling his or her unique potential. Ultimately, our curriculum also encourages the creative exploration of cultural ideas with an understanding of their genesis and development. Following Roycemore School’s overall mission, the Upper School program is rooted in academic, personal, and social growth objectives. 

What's Next?

Roycemore Online FAQ

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How many courses am I allowed to take?

Full-time Roycemore Online students can take a full course load approved by their Division Head.

Students taking individual courses through Roycemore Online can take up to two courses maximum at one given time.

Are these course credits transferable to any institution?

Roycemore is accredited by the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS) and we are also members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools (LMAIS). We offer any student who successfully completes a Roycemore course to receive an official transcript that can be shared with other educational institutions for transfer credit consideration. It is up to the receiving school to decide which credits they will accept and we find that the vast majority of similarly accredited schools, as well as public schools, grant academic credit for classes taken at Roycemore. The course description and credit offered is the same for full-time and part-time Roycemore Online students.

What are the tuition and fees for Roycemore Online?

  • Full-Time Early Childhood Tuition: $15,986 Fees: $765 Total: $16,751
  • Full-Time Lower School Tuition: $19,608 Fees: $985 Total: $20,593
  • Full-Time Middle School Tuition: $23,121 Fees: $960 Total: $24,081
  • Full-Time Upper School Tuition: $27,042 Fees: $845 Total: $27,887
  • Two Upper School Year Long Courses* $2,990
  • One Upper School Year Long Course* $1,495
  • One Upper School Semester Long Course. $ 748

  • *One course is defined as a year-long course. Two semester-long courses taken in different semesters would be viewed as one course for the purposes of tuition. Tuition does not include books, advising, college counseling or participation in other activities that are available to full-time Roycemore students.

    Fees for full-time students cover annual expenses for course materials, database access, technology expenses, parent association fees, and books (in the Lower School only).

    There are no fees for individual courses taken through Roycemore online but students are required to buy any books or materials required by the teacher.

    Can I apply for financial aid?

    Students who are enrolled at Roycemore full-time can apply for financial aid, this includes Roycemore Online students. Approximately 45% of our student body receive some financial assistance.

    Part-time Roycemore Online students are not eligible for financial aid.

    CLICK HERE if you are interested in reading more about financial aid at Roycemore and our Sliding Scale tuition program.

    What Documentation is Needed From Part-Time Students?

    Part-Time students do not need to submit the same amount of documentation as Full-Time students. Part-Time students only need to submit the following:

    1. Standard Roycemore Application
    2. Recent Transcript from Current School (outlining prerequisite course work and eligibility to take the selected course)
    3. Standardized Test Scores (most recent)
    4. LMAIS Teacher Recommendation from subject area teacher

    How do I register?

    All Roycemore Online students need to complete an online application whether they are interested in being a full-time or part-time student. Full-Time students are required to complete the admissions process in full, details regarding that process can be FOUND HERE.

    Part-time students do not have as many requirements when registering for a Roycemore Online class, but an online application is still required.

    CLICK HERE to register today.