Roycemore in the News

Chicago Parent 

March 2020 

How Gen Z Learns 

“Roycemore School in Evanston has always prided itself on personalized learning… ” 

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February 2020

Roycemore School lets high school students experience college

“One of the most interesting of those opportunities is Roycemore’s NU Option program. “

Evanston Now 

January 2020

Roycemore’s Short Term Lets Students Study what They Love

“Students are given the opportunity to do an intensive study on a topic that is of particular interest to them. ” 

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Chicago Reader

January 2020

What Turns Kids Punk? 

“Verböten also played basement parties, a dance at Roycemore, and a battle of the bands at New Trier overloaded with Rush cover bands.” 

Chicago Parent 

November 2019


Not by Rote: 6 ways Schools are Moving Beyond the Test


“‘When students have (power) over their learning, it is deeper and longer lasting,’ says Adrianne Finley Odell.” 

Page 41 

Evanston Now

November 2019 

Roycemore Hosts a ‘Creative Jam’ 

“A tournament-style event that challenges students to prototype a software design solution for a real-world problem.”

The Nonprofit Growth Show 

November 2019 

Sara McGuire at Roycemore School 

“When I started here at Roycemore, we had the annual fundraiser event. At the end of it, we did something I never have done before, a paddle raise. We start at the $5,000 level and people raise their paddles, and as we get going further down, and more and more people are raising their paddles. We get to $100 level and I look around the room and the entire faculty body that’s there is raising their paddles. It was this huge moment of, ‘I’m in a place where everyone is all in, and it was this overwhelming sense of belonging and community in that moment…’ ”

Evanston Chamber of Commerce 

November 2019

Meet Roycemore’s Head of School, Adrianne Finley Odell

“Roger Sosa our Executive Director sat down with Adrianne Finley Odell this week in an interview about the Roycemore school.” 

Photo by Heidi Randhava

Evanston Round Table

October 2019 

Kids’ Guernica, a Message of Peace at Roycemore 

“Roycemore School in Evanston is among the schools that are participating in the project by creating murals on “Guernica” size canvases…” 

Kenilworth Life

July 2019

Alumna Tatum Hunsader Featured in Kenilworth Life

“Tatum started her business, Tatum’s Sweet Treats, as a student baking in her family’s kitchen.”

Photo by Heidi Randhava 

Evanston Round Table 

May 2019 

Residents Join YWCA to Take a Stand Against Racism 

“At 1:45 p.m. residents voiced their support in the fight against racism with a pledge.”