Sarah Bixby


Teaching at Roycemore school year 2018-2019 has been a crowning moment in my career. The administration supported several curriculum shifts proposed by our World Languages Department. Out of these suggestions, two new courses emerged. One is an Upper School elective, and one a part of the core curriculum for Middle School. I have been involved in the design of these courses from their conception to their realization. Arc-en-ciel, is an art class taught in French. I am privileged to teach this course with Annette O’Donnell, art teacher at Roycemore for 16 years. The Upper School course, Defining Sustainability: Water, Shelter, Food for the 21st Century gives me the opportunity to challenge Roycemore students to think critically about sustainability issues, design sustainability initiatives, and take action on initiatives they deem important. The work of creating curriculum and teaching it effectively is a meaningful challenge. I reflect daily, communicate consistently, invite constructive criticism, and take risks. These are hallmarks of a professional environment. Besides teaching in the classroom on a daily basis, I remain very committed to other initiatives at Roycemore which allow me to engage with a wider community. One program my family has been very involved with is the international student program at Roycemore. We enjoy hosting international students. The Roycemore Garden is an initiative I started three years ago. We are headed into our fourth planting season soon. The community is growing around the garden. The grants I wrote and received to sustain the Roycemore Garden have inspired partnerships beyond the school walls. Check out my instagram #griffinsgrowing to learn more about what’s going on at Roycemore.


  • MA in Bilingual Education
  • BA in French

Favorite Quote/Fun Fact

Perfect is boring. Precise is nice. S. Bixby

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

To help students become better communicators who are unafraid and inspired to take action.

Why Roycemore?

Roycemore values the individuality of each person while encouraging working together as community – an all for one and one for all ethic.