Michael Organ – Director of Marketing and Communications

Michael Organ


Michael Organ has been leading marketing and communication initiatives for over 25 years. He brings, to Roycemore, insights from optimizing marketing campaigns for over 500 clients, including academic institutions.  Michael’s campaigns are often distinguished by microtargeted message development, outreach innovations, and data-driven optimization.

Prior to joining Roycemore, Michael was a Managing Director at Kivvit (a PR agency), Founder of CauseMarketing.com, Vice President of Digital Marketing at AKPD Message & Media, and served on both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, as Director of Online Marketing and Director of Messaging.  

Michael began his career at Ogilvy & Mather, working on traditional television and print advertising. That was followed by co-founding a direct marketing company that served college students, after which he joined Accenture where his increasing responsibilities culminated in becoming Vice President of Marketing for Accenture Procurement Solutions.

Michael was also an early internet-advertising pioneer, both for commercial and non-profit organizations. In 1999, Michael leveraged his internet marketing expertise to found Charity Guide, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, where he served for 16 years as its Executive Director.

Michael’s hobbies include: photography, musical theatre, hiking, and travel (especially national parks).  


  • B.Com(H) Queen's University

Favorite Quote

“The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

– Dr. Seuss

Why Roycemore?

Roycemore has an amazing story to tell. I’m here to tell it – especially to parents of prospective students who would benefit from customized education to reach their full potential. Promoting Roycemore is a marketer’s dream, because Roycemore’s students truly do engage more, achieve more, and become more – in a magical setting where faculty and staff feel like family.