Marysue Redmann


Marysue Redmann has been a professional musician and teacher all of her adult life and is thrilled to be part of the Roycemore community.

She loves teaching music because it encompasses so many things: Music is a science, music is math, music is history, music is physical coordination, music is a “foreign” language, and most of all, music is art. Marysue is passionate about how studying music opens pathways to creativity and provides so many opportunities to learn how to learn.

Marysue’s hobbies outside of music are travel, learning foreign languages and about foreign cultures, and anything to do with neuroscience, neuroplasticity and the brain.


  • M.A. in Harp Performance – Northwestern University
  • B.A. in Music, Dance & Theater – University of Illinois

Favorite Quote

This is why I teach music… Not because I expect you to become a musician
Not because you want to play the violin all your life
Not so you can relax or have fun
So you will recognize beauty
So you will be sensitive
So you will be close to an infinite beyond this world
I want you to learn to never give up when you encounter difficulty
And I want you to know music you produce is one of a kind
Because you are a very special person
My children when you are ready
Go out into the world and embrace your dreams!

~ Yuko Honda (student of Suzuki)

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

I love sharing the gift of music and movement with children and helping them to develop their creativity and a lifelong curiosity for learning and exploring their world.

Why Roycemore?

What I admire most about Roycemore is the sense of community and the personalized approach to education. Roycemore celebrates what makes each student unique and provides a wide variety of creative opportunities and approaches to help each student develop to their fullest potential.