Lynne Greene – Middle School Science & Mathematics

Lynne Greene


I was born and raised here on the North Shore of Chicago in the Historic Black Neighborhood known as the 5th ward. My parents instilled a will in me to achieve all I could and to always do more than was expected if I wanted to succeed. I graduated with honors from both Haven Elementary and Middle School, as well as ETHS. I attended Smith college on scholarship and majored in English and Microbiology with a Minor in Psychology. I applied for and was accepted to Graduate school at Howard University on a full Scholarship. While there I became intrigued with both parasitology and cancer research. I was able to do research with the Howard University Cancer Research Team for two years while working on my Masters Degree. I also worked with the Cystic Fibrosis Team at the National Institutes of Health in the NIADDK division.

I completed my Master’s Degree in Zoology and applied for the MD/PhD program in Topical Medicine at Howard University Medical School. While I completed most of the studies for the PhD, I found that I liked teaching more than medicine. It was time to follow another path to a different goal. I met and married my life long husband Rodney Greene and moved to Atlanta Georgia. While there I taught at Morris Brown College and Clark College. After four years and the birth of our child AJ, we moved to Chicago where my husband joined the Cardiac Research Team at Northwestern University. I chose to work with a Non-profit group called Over the Rainbow Association as first Assistant and then Director of Operations. We built and managed accessible housing for adults who use wheelchairs for mobility. This was a real introduction to the both the Nonprofit world and the world of wheelchair bound adults. These courageous young people inspired me to always appreciate the gifts I have been given and to take nothing for granted.

While I loved working with this group, I missed teaching. In 2001, the opportunity to return to teaching came from Roycemore school. I was home again and doing what I do best. I began with Science and Math in both middle and upper school. In 2013 I was switched to Middle School exclusively and have loved every minute. I have taught here at Roycemore for 17 years this year. Teaching is both my gift and my passion and I love it.


  • Haven Elementary and Junior High
  • ETHS; Smith College (BS)Howard University MS)

Favorite Quote/Fun Fact

Get the unknown alone!/ I wanted to be a dancer

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

I hope to instill in all of them the love of learning and to encourage curiosity and adventure.

Why Roycemore?

It is the one place where I can inspire all of my students to be the best they can be. Here, excellence is achievable.