Dr. Luke Berryman


Dr. Berryman’s career in education began in 2011 at The University of Cambridge, where he was a College Lecturer and a Director of Studies. He went on to teach in a British secondary school. In 2015, he joined Oxbridge Academic Programs, a New York-based company that runs study-abroad programs for middle- and high-school students. His work with Oxbridge took him everywhere from the Canadian Northwestern Territories to the urban jungle of Metro Manila! He moved to Illinois with his wife (who comes from Chicago) in 2020. At Roycemore, he collaborates with students, faculty, and parents to provide gifted support across the community. He is also the founder and manager of The Ninth Candle, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending antisemitism by sharing knowledge. Outside work, he loves classical music and soccer. He can often be found tuning into obscure cable channels at odd times of day to watch games being played in his native England!


  • PhD (Music History) King’s College London
  • MM (Music History) Boston University
  • BA (Hons in Music) University of Oxford


Favorite Quote

“Awareness of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom”

– attributed to Socrates.

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

The simple answer is that I teach because I love teaching! I consider myself a lifelong learner, and the students have a huge impact on me. Their inquisitiveness fires my thinking and changes the way I see the world every day. I hope to be able to reflect some of their own enthusiasm back at them as we go on our journey together.

Why Roycemore?

I appreciate Roycemore’s small, close-knit community, and its ethos of individuality. This ethos informs not just daily life within the school, but the structure and nature of our learning. The possibilities for pursuing individual strengths and passions is really unique and, I believe, extremely valuable.