Karen Radke Byrnes


Karen has had the joy of working at Roycemore for over 25 years. She came to Roycemore to fill in for a one year as the Upper School Learning Assistance teacher and has stayed and expanded her work here to include Learning Assistance, Modern European History, AP Euro, Community Service, and National Honor Society sponsor. In addition, she has recently begun coordinating many of the Student Activities in the Upper School.

Growing up, she had always known that she wanted to teach and started with a degree in History and Secondary Education, before completing graduate work in both Special Education and Educational Therapy. She is a lifelong learner and enjoy employing new techniques and technology with the students she works with. In her free time, she has always enjoyed traveling throughout the United States and in Europe, volunteering, and crafting. She has been married for 6 years, and she and her husband live with our three Schnauzers in Gurnee. She enjoys teaching and loves the opportunity to develop relationships with student that help them learn and grow as people.


  • M.Ed. National Louis University & Educational Therapy Institute
  • B.A. Cornell College

Fun Fact

I am a two-Time All-American Shotputter for Division III Athletics.

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

I teach because I love learning and feel that I can share this with students, as well as help them gain knowledge, learn about themselves, and become great human beings.

Why Roycemore?

I chose Roycemore because I feel it is important to get to know students in order to customize my teaching style to maximize their learning and Roycemore with its small classroom and community gives me this opportunity. Students, teachers, and families work closely in partnership to make this happen.