Justin Bailey


Justin helps teach the Pre Kindergarten class here at Roycemore and considers himself a Jack of All Trades here at Roycemore, because he started out working as a camp counselor (which he still does during the summer), before transitioning into a teacher’s assistant. He participates in the EDP program and once upon a time he was the school bus driver (more like van driver). So he has done a few things around the school as the years have quickly accumulated. He originally started in the Junior Kindergarten class but now is with the youngest of the school bunch, which has been such a pleasure working with the little ones who are as crazy as they can get, as it keeps him on his toes.

He was originally born here in Evanston, IL, however he loves to go around and see new places. He has lived here in Evanston, then went to school in Carbondale, before moving to Orlando, FL. After living in Florida, he came back for a while and then moved to San Diego, CA where things couldn’t be more beautiful. But after a while of traveling back and forth between Evanston and California, he was offered a position during the school year. And it’s been safe to say that it’s never been the same since. 

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

One of my favorite things to think about, is the idea that we are all teachers and students because we are always interchangeably teaching people as well as learning about life. So it’s amazing that I’m actually getting paid to do what we all do for free. I think it’s also rewarding being able to provide a diverse outlook from what the kids are used to. 

Why Roycemore?

I am so happy I decided to stay and be a Griffin to be able to see so many kids grow and meet so many wonderful teachers and kind human beings. I have never been to a place where everyone genuinely cares about everyone. From the first day I started everyone has been so sweet and kind to me. I never want to leave.