Janine Bragdon – Advancement Coordinator

Janine Bragdon

Advancement Coordinator


Having spent her years in college working in the admissions department, Janine knew that she wanted to stay within the education industry. She loved being able to see why their own education mattered to students, and what they hoped to accomplish. She is thrilled to have found a way to combine her business degree and love of education in her new position here at Roycemore. 

In her free time, Janine likes to spend time with her partner and their dog (a Shiba Inu named Loki), reading, and exploring her new home of Evanston. 


  • B.S. in Business Administration - Champlain College, VT

Favorite Quote

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those that prepare today. – Malcolm X

Why Roycemore?

Janine chose to join Roycemore family because of just that – it’s family. She loved that, even during the interview process, they truly seemed to care about her and her best interests. As she has gotten into her position here at Roycemore, the family aspect of her team, and the school in general, has only further cemented the joy of choosing Roycemore.