Gina Lorenz

Lower School Art Teacher


Gina joins us with a wide array of skills from her recent experiences in teaching students PreK through 6th grade, to her previous work in Marketing & Advertising agencies. She is passionate about sharing art experiences with children to broaden their perspectives and is inspired by creativity everywhere. She is a mother to two grown children and a tender-hearted guardian of many stray pets.


  • B.A. in Studio Art and B.S. in Marketing, and 40+ hours in Art Education

Favorite Quote

“The Arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and questions can have more than one answer.” – Elliott Eisner

Why Roycemore?

I have been familiar with Roycemore for several years and have been impressed with the diversity of cultures represented by the students. Art lends itself well to the study of cultures and I look forward to exploring many artistic avenues together with Roycemore students for years to come.