Darcy Aksamitowski – Lower School Division Head

Darcy Aksamitowski


Darcy’s love of education began in the mountains of Idaho, as a curious student at Community School in Sun Valley. With an emphasis on outdoor learning and leadership, her schooling inspired a genuine interest in the field of education. It was this interest that propelled her to Tulane University in New Orleans where she earned her BA of Psychology and Philosophy before attending Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, and earning a master’s in education. Darcy has been fortunate to work alongside gifted colleagues at some of the finest progressive schools in the country. Having spent time at Brookline Elementary in Massachusetts and Crow Island Elementary in Winnetka, Illinois, she has enjoyed the emphasis on innovative teaching ideas, experiential learning, and witnessing profound growth and excitement among her young learners.  

Darcy has been with Roycemore since 2017, where she taught third grade, providing leadership to strengthen and advance the Lower School math and reading program.  She was instrumental in synthesizing mindfulness into daily routines, raising the profile of the Leader in Me program, and spearheaded the Roycemore School participation in the Race Against Hate. Darcy also participated in the Teacher Evaluation Committee to design a new evaluation program for the school, added her voice to important NextGen Roycemore discussions on advancing the school and served as the President of the Roycemore Faculty Club.  

About her appointment in 2020, Darcy says, “I am honored to embrace this new role at Roycemore as Lower School Head. Roycemore exudes family, friendship, growth, achievement, leadership, and possibility. It is a community formed through partnerships striving to develop critical thinkers and young leaders. I am excited to continue to work with staff, students, and families to extend the ideals of our core mission and values while respecting Roycmore’s storied history and tradition as a leader in progressive education.”


  • MSEd (Educational Leadership) Western Governors University (Fall 2020)
  • M.Ed. (Elementary Education) Lesley College
  • B.A. (Psychology & Philosophy) Tulane University


Favorite Quote

“I learned that in each of us there burns a flame of independence that must never be allowed to go out. That as long as it exists within us we cannot be destroyed.”

― Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

I teach because I am allowed the opportunity to make an impact on those that will lead us in the future. I hope that the students in my care leave with a growth mindset and an “I can do anything!’ attitude; that they recognize some things will be challenging, but it is okay and necessary, to struggle and make mistakes. I hope students will leave knowing we all have our unique strengths and weaknesses, but together we fit together like a puzzle and can help each other grow. I know that there is not a day of interaction with students where I don’t grow or learn something new from the curious minds around me.

Why Roycemore?

I applied to Roycemore because I was intrigued by the school’s progressive philosophy, and their desire to uphold pragmatic values within a progressive model, which is something I value as an educator. The more I learned about Roycemore during my first year, I realized I was walking back into a school very similar to my own experience in Idaho. I joined a school that values hands-on experiences and encourages students to have ownership of their learning; one where any idea is valid and any way to get to a solution is acceptable. I realized I joined a school where learning can look different depending on the student, where teachers communicate and work together, where seniors may be teaching third graders, or first graders teaching sophomores. I value the relationships formed by interacting with parents daily as they drop children off, or pick them up, in the classroom. Roycemore is a family atmosphere where everyone is working together; it is a place I proudly call home.