Darcy Aksamitowski – Lower School Division Head

Darcy Aksamitowski


I bring over fifteen years of teaching experience in some of the most acclaimed progressive schools in Boston and Chicago. I have spent most of my teaching career inspiring students in grades 3-5. I grew up in the mountains of Idaho where much of my learning took place outdoors. I strive to bring this same experiential learning to my classroom while developing curriculum that prioritizes student interest. I earned my BA in psychology and philosophy from Tulane University, and hold my MEd. from Lesley College.


  • M.Ed. (Elementary Education) Lesley College
  • B.A. (Psychology & Philosophy) Tulane University


Favorite Quote/Fun Fact

If you enjoy running, I am the coach of the Lower School Cross Country team!

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

As I turn on the lights in the classroom each morning I am always excited for the unique learning experiences that will unfold. I have a course of action in my mind, but I love that the students are the ones steering the ship and directing the path of the learning that takes place. I love working together with the students in our classroom. I love the laughter that is found, and I love the ‘ah-ha’ moments that occur, when you see something click in a child’s mind and the amazement on their face. I teach because I am allowed the opportunity to make an impact on those that will lead us in the future. I hope that my students leave with a growth mindset and an “I can do anything!’ attitude. I hope they recognize that some things are very challenging, but it is okay and necessary, to struggle and make mistakes. I hope students will leave knowing we all have our unique strengths and weaknesses, but together we fit together like a puzzle and can help each other grow. I know that there is not a day of teaching where I don’t grow or learn something new from the curious minds around me.

Why Roycemore?

I applied to Roycemore because I was intrigued by the school’s progressive philosophy, and their desire to uphold pragmatic values within a progressive model, which is something I value as an educator. The more I learned about Roycemore during my first year, I realized I was walking back into a school very similar to my own experience in Idaho. I joined a school that values hands-on experiences and encourages students to have ownership of their learning; one where any idea is valid and any way to get to a solution is acceptable. I realized I joined a school where learning can look different depending on the student, where teachers communicate and work together, where seniors may be teaching third graders, or first graders teaching sophomores. I value the relationships formed by interacting with parents daily as they drop children off, or pick them up, in the classroom. Roycemore is a family atmosphere where everyone is working together; it is a place I proudly call home.