Brynn Leavitt – Middle & Upper School French

Brynn Leavitt


Before arriving at Roycemore I taught three languages in three countries. A native to Montana and Oregon, it was after college that I ventured to the midwest to pursue my graduate degree in Secondary Education. In my program I had the opportunity to study in Europe and I spent two years in Italy and France. While studying I also taught English for the British School of Siena, was a translator and interpreter with an Italian cooking school there, and worked as an au pair in Rennes, France. These were experiences of a lifetime and they have undoubtedly fueled my continued passion for languages, cultures and teaching. After France and Italy, I continued my teaching in local secondary schools in northern Indiana and as an instructor in French at Indiana University-South Bend. French also afforded me opportunities to offer translation services and advocate for refugees from francophone parts of Africa. It was also at this time that I took a particular interest in the metacognitive strategies that we teach and learn in the language classroom, the subject of my doctorate research at Middlebury College. In 2012 my husband and I then moved to England, where we lived for 6 years and I enjoyed my role as a French and Italian teacher in an outstanding JK-8 independent school in Yateley, Hampshire. As a sports enthusiast I loved getting to coach sports that were new to me like rounders and field hockey. While in England our son Nathaniel was born and we made lifelong connections and friends, but in 2018 we returned to the U.S. We are excited about setting new roots in Chicago and I am thrilled and feel very fortunate to be joining the esteemed Roycemore community!


  • Ph.D. (Modern Languages, French & Italian) Middlebury College
  • M.S. (Secondary Education with Endorsement in French & ENL) Indiana University-South Bend
  • B.A. (Art History & Architecture) University of Oregon
  • PGCE (Secondary Education with Endorsement in French) University of Reading, England

Fun Fact

Henley-on-Thames Sprint Triathlon Champion

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

There is so much to learn about the world! I love working with students, getting to know them and to explore languages and cultures together, examining our roles within local and global communities.

Why Roycemore?

I admire Roycemore’s approach to education as a comprehensive yet personalized learning experience. The collaboration of students, faculty, and families seems an ideal environment in which everyone can thrive.