Ashley Smith


My name is Ashley Smith and I am the Pre-K teacher at Roycemore School. It is a great pleasure and privilege watching the Pre-K kiddos personalities grow day by day and see how they develop in their learning. We laugh, play, study, learn and enrich our lives everyday! I care deeply about my students and will always have an interest in them and their destinies – wherever they may go, whatever they do, and whoever they become!

I am originally from New England where most of my extended family still live. My family moved to Florida when I was a young teen. I am the second oldest out of five kids and we grew up in a household where academics and athletics were very important. I received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Wisconsin where I earned a degree in Sociology. I then went to work for CBS Radio and Clear Channel Communications as a Sales Executive. I quickly learned that selling airtime to local businesses was not for me. The money was great, but money doesn’t (always) bring happiness.

I then went back to school and received my Early Childhood Teaching License from Kendall College. While in school I started working at Roycemore as a Pre-K Teaching Assistant. This is where I began to fall in love with teaching and working with little kids. A few years later I earned my license, and a few months after that I was the lead Pre-K teacher at Roycemore.

I currently live in Skokie with my husband, daughter, and two four-legged friends! My husband Jeff and I have been married for almost 4 years. We have a little girl named Eva who is an active toddler and keeps us very busy! Besides taking care of my family, I love cooking, online shopping, watching the seasons change, and binge watching my favorite TV shows!


  • University of Wisconsin


Favorite Quote/Fun Fact

“You’re off to great places, Today is your day, Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

Why do you teach? What is the impact you hope to make on students?

Teaching preschool is a personally rewarding profession. Everyday I get the opportunity to work with young children and help them grow and develop. I get to experience things with them for the first time and see the excitement in their eyes! Being a preschool teacher allows me to play various roles. Everyday I am a coach, referee, role-model, mom, janitor, psychologist, friend, waitress, moderator, comforter, mind reader, and nurse. There is never a dull moment and no day is ever the same! My favorite part of being a preschool teacher is that I truly get to appreciate the little things in life, and know not to take life too seriously. I also love the little things they say, it always puts a smile on my face because at this age they are so innocent and honest. Being a preschool teacher is a job that I love, and of course it doesn’t hurt to have summers off!

As a preschool teacher I hope to set each kiddo up for success and create a learning environment that helps each child reach their fullest potential. I also hope to create a love of learning and foster creativity and curiosity.

Why Roycemore?

When I began my teaching career, it began at Roycemore. I knew from day one that something special was happening here. Almost five years later, it still feels that way!