Adeline Courtial

Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School French


Originally from Nîmes in the south of France, Adeline grew up with a love for languages, literature and fine arts. After studying Literature and American Civilization, she decided to work abroad as a French Assistant – first in London, then in Mexico City. From these experiences, she developed a passion for teaching, and decided to make it into a career. In 2016 she returned to France to earn a master degree in Education and French as a Foreign Language. Following her studies, she worked as a full-time Teacher at the French Alliance of Mexicali, Mexico, then at the French Institute of the North Shore in Winnetka, IL. In class, Adeline loves to incorporate authentic documents from « la francophonie » ( French speaking countries) such as songs, news articles, paintings etc.


  • M.S. in Education and French as a Foreign Language
  • B.A. in Foreign Language and Civilization (French Major, Spanish Minor) - University of Nîmes, France

Favorite Quote

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

Why Roycemore?

Adeline is excited to be part of the Roycemore family where she can share, learn, and create activities with the staff and students of the school. As a local resident, Adeline is happy to contribute to the community, and cultivate personal relationships within the intimate setting which Roycemore offers.