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The Innovation center demonstrates the best part of Roycemore: the dedication to giving each and every student the opportunity to express who they are, not just in the classroom but in every aspect of their education. My hope is not that it will transform students, but that it will give students the tools necessary to transform themselves.

Berhanu Snyder '21

Roycemore Breaks Ground on Stairwell of Future Innovation Center

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Roycemore School celebrated the groundbreaking of the site of their future Innovation Center. When Roycemore School acquired and renovated 1200 Davis to serve as its new home, it left one space in the building purposely unfinished and dedicated to the future needs of Roycemore’s students. The groundbreaking signifies the start of construction on the stairwell that will be built in the 6,000 sq. ft. space allowing it to be occupied for student use. 

In January 2020, a high school junior, Hanu Snyder, embarked on an independent January Short Term (JST) project to learn about architecture. JST is a three-week period during which upper school classes are suspended and students have the opportunity to explore their own passions. Hanu enlisted a current parent who is an architect to serve as his project director and together they developed a plan for a maker space. They partnered with middle school student, Aidan Scheidt, who had focused his Personal Passion Project (P3) on the space known as ‘Room 200,’ and surveyed the students to assess their priorities for what should be included in the space. They made a presentation to the Roycemore Board of Trustees to transform ‘Room 200’ into an innovation center that can serve multiple purposes and created a prototype for consideration.

“I think it’s fitting that this ‘addition’ is not really an addition, but just the filling of a void that has always been here. It does not transform the school that I have always loved, but it refines and expands on the unique qualities that made me love it in the first place. It completes and unifies the Roycemore experience, providing new methods of thinking and creating and dreaming that each student may already have inside them but don’t yet have the tools necessary to bring to life. The Innovation Center demonstrates the best part of Roycemore: the dedication to giving each and every student the opportunity to express who they are, not just in the classroom but in every aspect of their education. My hope is not that it will transform students, but that it will give students the tools necessary to transform themselves.”

Hanu graduated from Roycemore in June of 2021 and gained acceptance to MIT, but took a gap year to help teach and build a school in Ethiopia.  He will put those skills to use at MIT where he will be an architecture student this fall. Hanu and Aidan continue to be actively engaged with the Innovation Center project, with Hanu serving on the Steering Committee for Roycemore’s campaign to raise funds, and Aidan serving as the student representative on the Vision-Design team to plan the Innovation Center. Together these teams will make their vision a reality! Aidan and his peers will have the opportunity to see the vision fulfilled and benefit from the opportunities of an Innovation Center during their high school career. Hanu will go forward, pursuing architecture with a realized project under his belt.

The plans for the space include part old-school shop, part high-tech STEAM lab. A Vision-Design team made up of students, parents, grandparents, faculty, and Trustees is working together with information collected from community surveys to build the framework for the new Innovation Center. They are visiting spaces like the Innovation Development Lab at DePaul to gain ideas on the design and use of innovation spaces for students.

Building upon the project-based learning that has a more than 50-year history at Roycemore, this is the ideal time to invest in a facility that will allow Griffins the space to innovate, invent, and inspire others,” says Dr. Jonathan Holloway, Honorary Campaign Chair and alumni parent of the Roycemore Class of 2021. A world-renowned US Historian, Dr. Holloway was appointed to the position of President of Rutgers University in 2020. Previously, he was the Provost of Northwestern University from 2017 to 2020.

On April 11, 2022, Roycemore’s Board of Trustees approved an engagement with Cordogan Clark, a local architectural firm, for architectural design services for the future Innovation Center. The selection of Cordogan Clark was the culmination of a robust process that involved the Vision-Design Team and the Facilities Committee of the Board reviewing proposals from 9 firms, and selecting 4 to present to the Roycemore administration. Cordogan Clark stood out among the other firms due to their experience with similar projects and their knowledge and thinking about the future of education.

The Innovation Center will be built through funds raised from the GriffINNOVATION Campaign. “The current space beckons to serve a larger purpose,” says Sara McGuire, Director of Development, “to house the imaginings of our students. At its core, the Innovation Center is a place for making, collaborating, learning, and sharing.” 

Construction of the stairwell is expected to begin next month with the goal of the space being usable by the 2022-2023 school year.

What is Innovation?

Thank You to Our Donors

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Now is the Time to Invest in Roycemore

Meet the Teams Behind the Future Innovation Center

Campaign Steering Committee

Sarah Coffman, US/MS Parent
Karen Dinelli, PK Teacher
Kevin Foote, Trustee, US Parent
Victoria Fromm, Trustee, Alumni Parent
Terry Gdoutos ’05, Trustee
Hilda Gonzales, Roycemore Librarian
Shannon Henry, US Science
Charlie Jackson, LS Parent
Rob Linkhart, Alumni Faculty, Alumni Parent
Geoffrey Mark ’85
Bessie Mbadugha, Trustee, LS/US Parent
Susan Osterberg ’62
Deborah Pergament ’87, Trustee
Julianne Raymond ’95
Linda Reed ’65, Trustee, US/MS Grandparent, Alumni Parent
Rosemary Reed ’60
Candace Risen, Trustee, US/MSGrandparent
Berhanu Snyder ’21
Howard Stanley, MS Humanities, LS Parent
Shamar White ’91
Jessi Wunder, Alumni Faculty, Alumni Parent

Vision Design Team

Erik Anderson, 2nd and 4th grade parent
Devin Bell, 1st grade parent
Ruth Bell, 1st grade parent
Eric Calvert, Center for Talent Development
Chris English, Head of School Elect
Adrianne Finley Odell, Head of School
Charlie Jackson, RFA, 3rd and 4th-grade parent
Jason Keiper, 4th and 9th grade parent
Mark Lowry, Trustee
Jennifer Morgenstern, 11th grade parent
Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Center for Talent Development
Barry Praeuner, 6th grade parent
Keith Raheem, 1st and 5th grade parent
Aidan Scheidt, 9th grade student
Beth Shutters, Faculty, 4th grade parent
Ron Tain, Faculty
Alec Wilson, 11th grade student

Our Vision and Design team is working together with information collected from Parent, Student, and Faculty surveys to build the framework for the new Innovation Center. They are visiting spaces like the Innovation Development Lab at DePaul to gain ideas on design, and use of innovation and maker spaces for students.

Check out this update from Devin Bell, Vision Design Team member and Roycemore Parent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this campaign for?

Roycemore’s Innovation Center (AKA Room 200) is 6000 square feet of possibility! Your donation would help transform a lifeless warehouse space into a space for students of all ages to engage in STEAM activities through authentic, hands-on approaches.

What is a meaningful gift?

Only you can answer that. Our plans to upgrade our students’ learning experience will take several years to complete, so you can fund your donation over a period of up to five years. Making your pledge as early as possible will help us break ground! We need everyone in on this exciting time for Roycemore!

Let's cut to the chase. I am already paying tuition, why should I donate money as well?

Bottom line: your gift supports the people and programs that make Roycemore so special. Small class sizes. Socio-economic diversity. Tuition can never cover all of the opportunities our students receive.

How much of a difference can my gift make, really?

Roycemore has a fraction of the supporters of a university or large charity. Because the number is small, but the need is large, each gift given makes an impact. Also, when stakeholders donate, it inspires large institutional donors.

How is my Annual Campaign gift different from this GriffINNOVATION Campaign?

Because paying your mortgage won’t renovate your kitchen! The Annual Campaign funds Roycemore’s day-to-day needs. The GriffINNOVATION Campaign will bring us into a new era of education, ready for our next 106 years.

Is there an opportunity for recognition of my gift through naming a piece of the project?

Yes! After you talk with your family about it, please contact our Campaign Volunteers to start this process.

Why not raise tuition to cover all of the expenses?

That level of tuition would put our beloved school out of reach for more than half of our current students. For 106 years Roycemore has been the answer for many middle class families seeking a better education solution.

Are there more reasons to give?

Pride in the recognition that comes with gift-giving. Making social contacts. Still, more view their giving as a way to become active stakeholders in the school. Finally, it’s a tax deduction!