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The Roycemore Family page was created as a space where our community could come together to learn, share, laugh, and support one another during the Remote Learning phase of the 2019-2020 school year. We hope that everyone enjoyed the riddles, field trips, teacher trivia, and daily videos that made their way onto this page and we want to thank all the students and families who made this experience interactive, uplifting, and fun. If you are looking for more Roycemore engagement this summer, please check out our summer program offerings at: roycemoreschool.org/summer. Have a great summer and Go Griffins!

On this page we encourage students and parents to:

  • Watch our daily video
  • Add to the Griffin Gratitude Wall
  • Learn the Word of the Day
  • Check out Social Media from fellow students with #roycemorefamily
  • Check in on Fridays to see the Field Trip of the Week!

Check back every school day to see new features on this page. Updates will be made nightly and ready by 9.00am.

Riddle of the Day

What tastes better than it smells? 

Send your answer to
Justin Bailey at jbailey@roycemoreschool.org or post on the Roycemore School Facebook Page. Check this page tomorrow to see if your answer is correct.

Yesterday’s Riddle: What has hands but can not clap?

Answer: A clock


Word of the Day





unctuous: excessively smooth, suave, or smug


Daily Video

Click here to register: https://roycemoreschool.org/virtualcamps/



Field Trip of the Week!

Well ladies and gentlegriffs, it is about that time that I let you in on a little secret. Instead of just one field trip this time, I’m going to share the link to be able to go back and see any of the past Field Trip of the Week! as well as see ones we didn’t get to see. Go to the beach, or a deserted island, go to museums or farms, go to space while staying in your safe space. Go wherever you like with this lovely link


Griffin Gratitude Wall

All Roycemore students, parents, faculty, and staff are invited to post to our Griffin Gratitude Wall. Just click on the pink plus sign at the bottom of the wall to add your entry.

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Graduating Class Fun Facts

We are proud to announce that on June 4th the class will be graduating virtually. 




Roycemore Middle School student doing gym class during remote learning in a very Roycemore way… Tumbling! #roycemorefamily

Remote Learning Week One – Done! 
Roycemore students and faculty stepped up to the challenge and made this first week of distance learning absolutely amazing. So impressed! 
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#tessellationart #remotelearning You got to love a little tessellation in the morning! Tessellations are deeply rooted in art history. Designs varied depending on traditions and cultures from all over the world. You might know #mcescher artwork using tessellations? You can find many tessellations in nature too. #snakescales Here’s a simple way to create your own with supplies at home! All you’ll need 1. A cut square paper 2. Scissors 3. A pen or pencil 4. Pick one: tape, glue stick, glue, stapler (I used tape). #geometrictessellation #tessellationartpattern #geometrytessellation #tessellationquilt #tessellationtiles #romantessellations #islamicart #alhambrapalace #scienceart #mathart#arteducation #artteachersofinstagram

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Quote of the day #roycemorefamily #quoteoftheday

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