NU Option

Our program, NU Option, gives Roycemore students the upper hand in the college application process by allowing students to take classes at Northwestern University for credit.

Roycemore School has a strong partnership with Northwestern University, including an arrangement whereby our Upper School students can attend classes there once they have exhausted our offerings in a certain subject. For example, if a student has taken AP Calculus at Roycemore their junior year, they may then attend the next level math course at NU their senior year. This is true of all subjects with the exception of science. 

“Roycemore is a gem of an independent school.  Class sizes are intentionally small, providing teacher and students with the ability to connect on a personal level.  Students benefit from course plans that are challenging and personalized. Roycemore Upper School students have the ability to take courses at Northwestern University, earning college credit while still in high school.  Roycemore is the only independent School to offer this unique opportunity to students and it provides them with the ability to excel at their pace.”  

Jonathan Holloway, Provost, Northwestern University

     Stefanie Rivera                     Dr. Dori Franck
     Upper School Head             Northwestern University Coordinator and Faculty 

We would like to acknowledge the following Roycemore students who participated in our NU Option program during the Fall Semester, 2019.
Alem, Alex Z., Bella, Cara, Emeline, Gary, Hanu, Nino, Madeline, Rachel
These individuals took classes at Northwestern University and earned a total average grade of B+ in their college classes. This is quite an accomplishment as they worked all semester next to much older classmates and we would like to extend a congratulations to each and every one of these students.
- Recent Roycemore Alum

“Perhaps my favorite part of attending Roycemore was taking classes at Northwestern University. Not only did this enable me to skip introductory classes in college, but gave real-life preparation for college. Roycemore is a great choice for students who desire a close community, individualized attention, or who want to be a leader.”