Lower School: Theme Week

At Roycemore, we know that each student is full of endless potential, waiting to be unlocked. We embrace who they are, where they come from, and their journey by welcoming them into a supportive community that feels like home. Theme week is one of the many programs at Roycemore that supports students’ intellectual exploration.

Each spring, the Lower School devotes a week to conduct an in-depth study on one topic through project based learning. The children are divided into multi-age groupings where they create, build and research one aspect of the topic. Previous Theme Week topics have included Architecture, The Earth Beneath Our Feet, Climate Change, and many others.

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In our Lower School, we strive to help children develop self-esteem and lifelong learning skills in a safe, nurturing and diverse community. Each student’s personal success is ensured through a stimulating and personalized college-preparatory curriculum focusing on the growth of the mind as a whole.