Adobe Partnership

We are proud to have a partnership with Adobe Inc. that brings important digital resources to the students of Roycemore and extends their creative potential. Our Design Thinking initiative introduces a problem-solving approach to the curriculum that all students experience, starting in Pre-K and continuing through high school. This approach has been prevalent in businesses and organizations around the globe, but is relatively new to the educational world. Adobe was instrumental in securing Creative Cloud licenses for the entire faculty and student population at Roycemore and continues to provide additional teaching support based on the digital needs of our students.

First High School Creative Jam Hosted at Roycemore School

Roycemore School hosted the first ever Adobe Creative Jam for high school students in November 2019. Creative Jams are a live tournament-style event that challenges students to use Adobe’s product suite to solve a predetermined, real-world scenario. The challenge presented to the student teams was to create a digital app that informs and motivates the citizens of Evanston to achieve zero waste status.  The day started with a presentation from the City of Evanston’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Kumar Jensen, to give some context to the project.
After an intensive bootcamp featuring the Adobe XD software, led by professional trainer Taylor Kobey, the students were off and running. With only two hours to produce a prototype, students worked through lunch and utilized the help of mentors supplied by Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. When time was up, eight teams had designed eight different prototypes ready to be presented to a panel of industry experts who would do the judging.   
The winning prototype, Trackcycle, was designed by Sooliat (Senior), LeiLei (Junior), Jim (Junior), and Hanna (Freshman). The app centers around users recycling various materials at recycling centers in the area that are equipped with scanner technology and accumulating points they can redeem at local area businesses. The app is still in the design phase but the student team has hopes to take their creation to the next level of production, and eventually see it available for the public.
- Adrianne Finley Odell, Head of School

“The software capabilities of the Adobe Creative Cloud technology will equip our students with some of the most powerful tools available today to present and communicate ideas, express creativity, convey meaning, and collaborate. These are some of the most critical skills young people need in today’s complex world.”

- Susan Mango Curtis, Associate Professor at Northwestern University

“We often hear from Northwestern alumni who want us to offer technical training on products that weren’t part of their college experience but now have a prominent place in their professional landscape. These Roycemore students are getting to participate in a scenario where they learn new technology in a fast-paced, competitive setting. This is exactly what they can expect from their future work environments.”