Ten Steps to Your First Day in a College Class

1. Meet with your academic advisor

Share your ideas about what classes you want to study at Northwestern University as part of the NU Option program at Roycemore. Ask your advisor which classes you must finish at Roycemore and when. Include your parents in the discussion.

2. Talk to the teachers in your chosen subject area of interest

 Share your plan of study and ask your teacher what it will take to finish all your Roycemore classes before the registration deadline.

3. Attend the NU Option Information Session in spring 

Arrive with questions and take lots of notes!

4. Save important dates and deadlines in your calendar

Seeing the dates ahead of time will help you plan ahead. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself to rush your academic progress! We want you to do well in your Roycemore classes and enjoy school.

5. Get approval from Roycemore to register for Northwestern University Classes 

The Roycemore faculty and your academic advisor will meet to discuss your request to participate in NU Option.  They will notify you if you are accepted. 

6. Contact the Department Head at Northwestern University for approval to take the class

You will have to write to the Department Head, introduce yourself, and ask for their approval to take the class.  

7. Attend the Northwestern University on-campus registration session 

The Northwestern University Coordinator at Roycemore, will arrange a field trip for NU Option students to meet the Northwestern University staff, complete forms, and ask questions.

8. Drop off the completed forms at Northwestern University by the deadline

Roycemore students must register in person, on paper, and on a specific date. Online registration is not available and manual signatures from Northwestern University staff are required. You don’t want to miss this deadline!

9. Plan your class and transportation schedules and find your classroom location on the Northwestern University map

Allow plenty of time to depart Roycemore, travel to Northwestern University, walk to class, and have time to settle into your seat.  Don’t forget to plan for the reverse travel so you can return to your Roycemore classes on time!

10. Attend your first day of a college class

Enjoy your first class and let the fun begin!