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Early Childhood

Lower School

Students in our Early Childhood program (ages 3-5) experience a tremendous period of intense growth during their Pre-school and Kindergarten years. Our youngest students learn to think critically, develop social-emotional awareness, and become part of a classroom community building character and integrity. 

Lower School is where Elementary School starts at Roycemore (grades 1st – 4th) and we strive to help children develop self-esteem and lifelong learning skills in a safe, nurturing, and diverse community. Each student’s personal success is ensured through a stimulating curriculum, math blocks that are based on ability, and helping each student grow and thrive as an individual.

Middle School

Upper School

Different from any other Junior High around, our Middle School students (grades 5th-8th) engage in unique learning opportunities that are challenging, engaging, and student-directed. Students are given more freedom and more responsibility. They also get to work on Personal Passion Projects that help them discover their own interests and pursuits.

Our Upper School (grades 9th-12th) provides a rigorous High School, College-Prep curriculum that fosters the acquisition of the verbal, quantitative, and aesthetic skills needed for a meaningful intellectual life. Exploration of ideas is encouraged and supported as they embark on independent study opportunities through our signature January Short Term program.

What Parents Are Saying

“Here at Roycemore uniqueness and differences are celebrated. The children are truly seen as individuals and each one as a member of a larger community. Out of all the schools in Chicago, we found Roycemore could offer the best explanation of how differentiation is implemented. Many schools teach to the middle and box children into a standard curriculum despite their claims otherwise. It’s different at Roycemore.” 

 – A Current Parent 

#5 Best Private K-12 School in Illinois

#8 Best Private High School in Illinois

#2 Most Diverse High School in Illinois

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Despite our campus being closed, our Admissions and Financial Aid Team created a virtual tour page for families to visit and learn everything about Roycemore! 


1200 Davis St, Evanston, IL 60201

  • School Parking Lot Available to all Families
  • Indoor Parking Garage Access for all Lower School Families
  • Metra Station Located 2 Blocks Away (Union North Line)
  • CTA “L” Station 2 Blocks Away (Davis St. Station, Purple Line)
  • CTA Bus Stop Located Right at our Campus


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