Elinor Rice Fuchs Teacher of the Year for 2020 · Julie Herrick

While all teachers make an impact, today we are going to acknowledge one very special teacher with the Elinor Rice Fuchs Award.   As the drama teacher, “Ricey” devoted long hours after school to guide the rehearsal of wonderful plays, to listen to her students, and to offer wise counsel with a healthy mixture of laughter and gravitas. The School has chosen to honor these twin attributes of promoting excellence...
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Do Not Wait For Leaders – Become Them

Photo Credit: Rob Walsh on Unsplash   The City of Chicago is under curfew.  Streets are barricaded. Public transport has been suspended. The National Guard has been brought in to partner with police to prevent a repeat of the looting and violence that has taken place over the last week. This is happening in cities across America, and around the world. We are a community whose frustration and anger has...
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Olga Guardia de Smoak from the Class of 1957 is Roycemore’s 2020 Distinguished Alumna

Royemore School is pleased to share that the Distinguished Alumna for 2020 is Olga Guardia de Smoak from the Class of 1957. Ms. Guardia de Smoak is the President of the New Orleans International Ballet Conference and an Artistic Advisor to the Institute of of Culture of the Republic of Panama, in the field of ballet. She is a speaker on History of Dance at the Jackson USA and Valentina...
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Heros Among Us

Who are your heroes?  What qualities do they exhibit and how do they inspire you?  In the challenging times of COVID-19, we celebrate individuals whom we have long thought of as heroes– our health care workers and our first responders.  But we also have other heroes among us.  They might be individuals who are working in grocery stores, doing shopping for those who are too vulnerable to do so themselves...
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In Appreciation of ALL Teachers

“Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers.” -Mahatma Ghandi               This week is teacher appreciation week.  For most of us this is the first time we have blurred the lines between school and home in such powerful and extraordinary ways.  Students’ homes already were, in many ways, an extension of the classroom but the COVID-19 pandemic has provided new insight for parents...
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Roycemore Trustee Uses Engineering Software to Help Slow Spread of COVID-19

Photo Credit: Ansys Inc. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, many engineers are now turning to the medical field to see if their expertise can be utilized during this international crisis.  Roycemore School Trustee and Parent, Aleksandra Egelja-Maruszewski, an engineer at Ansys Inc., is at the forefront of their effort to do what they can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. An engineering simulation software company, Ansys Inc....
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