Strategic Planning – Our Vision for the Future

Kevin M. Smith, Headmaster February 20, 2015 Soon to celebrate our 100th year, Roycemore School is moving forward with a vision to become one of the most innovative schools in our region. We remain committed to the principles and values our founders adopted in 1915: excellent preparation for success through the development of scholarship, character, resilience, and the creative, collaborative, and communicative skills necessary to be successful in life. Our...
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Welcome to Roycemore School’s 99th year!

Kevin M. Smith, Headmaster August 22, 2014 It has been a very busy summer on campus. Last year, we actively engaged our community in conversation about advancing Roycemore. As a result of our partnership we enhanced campus security, improved our technology, started a Roycemore Family Association, increased funding and substantially increased professional development opportunities for our teachers. As we constantly improve our programs and services, I am excited to share what...
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