You are Beautiful!

It was great to see so many families join us for Miniature School night last Thursday.  We have welcomed 63 new students to our school this year and they are all getting settled into their routines at Roycemore.  At many schools, Miniature School night is known as “Back-to-School Night” so in homage to our parents coming “Back-to-School” they had the opportunity to hear what their children heard during our opening...
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Maci and the Roycemore Garden

How did you spend your summer vacation? One student used her summer break to help care for the newly planted Roycemore Garden! The project started last year in the 4th grade classroom with students making a worm compost and planting seedings in their room. Fruits and vegetables were eventually moved to the outside garden along the south side of the building. Other grades got involved and lots of students took turns...
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Noun: (Min-EE-a-CHur) a thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica or model. This Thursday night is Miniature School night at Roycemore, however, other than shortened schedules, there will be nothing SMALL about this night.  Many schools call this night, “Back-to-School Night.” It is an opportunity for parents and guardians to visit Roycemore to hear from their childrens’ teachers about what to expect for the year ahead.Our faculty...
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Today’s one-year olds will graduate from high school in 2036. What can we expect by then?

One of the Back-to-School rituals is for students and teachers to share with each other highlights from how they spent their summer. This past week I shared with faculty and new families about the great opportunity to play Grandma over the summer! This is Luca! He lives in Europe with his mom and dad. Papa (Grandpa) and Tutu (that’s me) don’t get the chance to see him too often. It was delightful–...
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“Coming From Roycemore, I Think It Will Be A Great Fit”

I am going to major in Computer Science and minor in Business at Chapman University. I wanted a school that was in the heart of the tech industry. That narrowed my search to the West Coast and more specifically to California. I then narrowed my search further, this time by the school’s size. Coming from Roycemore, I wanted a smaller school, with small class sizes. This left me with a...
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“The University of Illinois Is The Best Place For Me To Be”

Why did I choose University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign? That’s a good question. To be very honest, it was far from my first choice. However, life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to and let me say that now, I am super happy with this choice and can’t wait for these next 4 years. UIUC is a very big school, and that alone is a pro for...
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