Truth or Consequences

“Hoping all your consequences are happy ones.”  –Bob Barker One of the very early game shows to be televised was called Truth or Consequences.  It actually first aired on radio from 1940-1957, then ran on television from 1950-1988.  The game show involved asking the contestant a question (the truth) and if they could not answer the question correctly, they would have to perform a crazy stunt– the consequence.  Ellen DeGeneres’s...
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Put Your Phone Down– And Smile!

I was recently speaking with several other Heads of School of Chicago area schools at an annual conference specifically for Heads.  We were discussing the challenges that we are all facing related to the increasing use of technology by our students and the impact that, for example, the ubiquitous nature of cell phones has had on our students. We began this conversation as a continuation of the dialogue we started...
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Our Masks

This goes without saying but, it’s COLD!  And I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold.  Still, the predicted negative 12 degrees F for a high one day in the week ahead is truly cold!  I went for a walk over the weekend to check out the ice formations along Lake Michigan. To prepare for heading outside, I wore fleece lined jeans, snow boots, many...
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Value and Values

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde Nearly two years ago I had the opportunity to help plan and attend an international conference at the Vatican on the global water crisis as a volunteer with the non-profit organization, Circle of Blue.  Iwas working as a volunteer to engage the educational community in the dialogue and to create follow up action plans to address the value...
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I’ll admit it.  I am just a “tad” bit competitive.  Blame it on being the second child, or our penchant for playing board games as a kid, or growing up in Ohio State Buckeye country.  Could be a combination of all of these things or something else, but there you have it. That being said, I have a great appreciation for individuals who understand when to put competitive instincts behind...
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Eisner Scholar Caroline Johnson ’08 is on a lifelong adventure!

My Roycemore story began in 2004, when I entered the Upper School as a freshman after having skipped 8th grade in the Lake Forest public school system. To this day, I remember both my parents and I worrying about whether a school would be comfortable accepting a student who had made the decision to expedite her education. Not only was Roycemore less than concerned with it, they made my entire...
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