I Didn’t Know I Could Sing

Can you think back to when you realized you had a particular talent or gift for something?  Perhaps you wrote a short story and someone complimented you on your writing skills. Perhaps you tried your hand at baking and your family and friends were blown away with your approach to a recipe that they hadn’t ever considered.  Or maybe you signed up for a 5K run and were surprised by...
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Why Creativity?

Creativity.  Persuasion.  Collaboration.  Adaptability. Time Management.   According to LinkedIn Learning, these are the top five “soft” skills most in demand by companies right now.  Similarly, the orld Economic Forum has identifiedmany of these skills, including creativity, as a growing part of the core skill requirements for many industries today and in the years ahead.  Why Creativity? It is a skill that cannot easily be demonstrated by technology. Creativity can be thought...
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Lessons From A Courageous Veteran

In times when I question my own ability to be courageous, I take inspiration from others who have accomplished extraordinary things through their acts of courage and bravery.  Over the weekend, I joined a packed movie theater to see the movie Harriet, a film biography about American abolitionist and activist, Harriet Tubman.  The life she endured as a slave required courage just to survive, but she went far beyond that,...
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Hard Work and the Value of Failure

Have you ever tried something that didn’t work out? Depending on how big the stakes were, or the nature of what you tried and failed at, you might have:   1) Determined that you were wrong to take that chance and you’ll never do it again;  2) Decided that you needed to adjust your approach or modify your goal and try again; or  3) Realized that you needed to work harder...
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Loving Life! And trying to stay “in the moment”

“Loving Life!  And trying to stay ‘in the moment’.”  This is what I wrote in the “About You” section of my Facebook page a number of years ago after a particularly difficult chapter in my life.  I had made the decision that life is too short not to try to fully embrace each and every moment. I’ll admit, it is a lofty aspiration– but when I am able to achieve...
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Our “Culture Code” at Roycemore

Recently I was given a book as a farewell gift from a Roycemore faculty member who was relocating to another state.  As she suspected, it was a great read for me and I introduced an exercise in the book to our faculty. The book is Culture Code by Dan Coyle.  This past summer Roycemore faculty and staff collaborated to define the culture of our school community.  The process was intended...
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