“There are so many reasons why I picked Dartmouth.”

There are so many reasons why I picked Dartmouth. It is the perfect mix of great academics and the true college experience. The amount of school spirit is palpable, their football team is actually pretty good, and the Greek life is fun but also inclusive. The community feels like home. I also like Dartmouth’s strong desire to provide a liberal arts education. It is a college, so the focus is...
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Upper and Middle School Awards, 2019-2020

This June, we had a number of Roycemore students and members of our community who were recognized for their achievements and contributions during the 2019-2020-2019 school year. UPPER SCHOOL AWARDS 2020 Rebecca Ashley Thatcher Academic Department Awards Spanish – Ben Schweighauser Drama – Madeline Daniel Art – Madeline Daniel Music – Tiantian ‘Tina’ Zhang Science – Sooliat Bakare Math – Madeline Daniel English – Cara Marantz French – Richard Ackermann...
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A Tribute to the Class of 2020

This class of 13 students will be furthering their education at 12 different institutions in 10 different states from the east coast to the west coast and in-between.   They range from large public universities like The University of California- Davis,  to small private universities like Lawrence University, to Ivy League colleges like Dartmouth, to specialty programs like the National Personal Training Institute.  85% will be attending school outside of...
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Graduation Speech by Olga Guardia de Smoak, Class of 1957

Dear Roycemore Class of 2020, I am very honored to have been chosen to address you on your Graduation Day from Roycemore. I am also happy to share with you a description of my life and career, and to leave you with some sign posts that might serve to guide your steps as you embark on the exciting yet unfamiliar road ahead. My sister Gloria and I came to Roycemore when...
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2020 Upper School Graduation Class Speaker – Madeline Daniel

I was born just a few days before the twin towers fell. Time stood still. The US, and arguably the world, entered a new era of history. My classmates and I were all born within just a few months of this turning point. We entered childhood during an era shift, and now, as we, quote on quote, “exit” childhood, we are in the midst of another.  Before all of this...
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Middle School Class Speakers

Roycemore was lucky to have two very bright and articulate students speak at the Middle School Graduation last week. With poise and humor, they made us laugh and cry while they reflected on their time here at Roycemore and what it is like to be a Middle School Griffin. Please enjoy these excerpts from their speeches…   Macy O. “Even though this isn’t your typical ceremony, I’m glad that we’re...
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