Be Proactive

This is a big sports week. With the Super Bowl on Sunday and the start of the Olympics on Thursday, there is a lot to engage with for the sports fans among us. My favorite aspects of high level athletics are the human interest stories behind the competition. Any individual who has achieved success at such a high level has made great sacrifices in order to achieve that success. And...
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Jumping Into Math – My JST Experience

By Roycemore Upper Schooler Daria Chudnovsky While talking to a family friend, Alexander Fridman, director of the Nyheim Plasma Institute in Drexel University, I asked him which school subject develops the brain, increases creativity, open-mindedness, and overall prepares kids for an interesting and challenging profession in their future. He replied saying that no subject accomplishes any of those things as much as solving math olympiad problems. So when coming up...
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Connection, Self-Confidence, and Home

Over the weekend during a long, snow-filled journey from Evanston to Columbus, Ohio, with my daughter who has been “home” for break, we had the opportunity to have one of those rare conversations that mothers and daughters aren’t often able to have once children are in college. We were on our way to Columbus, my hometown, to re-connect with my family. During the journey, my daughter shared with me how...
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Preparing students for success in a complex world

Roycemore School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools. We rely on them as a resource to connect with fellow independent school professionals around the world, for benchmarking data to help us run the school professionally, for professional development, and more. This past week, NAIS hosted its 30th Annual People of Color Conference. You can follow the conference on Twitter at #NAISPoCC. Because our faculty attended the ISACS Annual Conference...
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The Jetsons? No, Our Children!

One of my favorite TV shows when I was a child was The Jetsons, a cartoon show about a family circa 2062 and their daily lives. Watching the family get around “town” in their flying car and seeing their house get cleaned by their robot, Rosey, left me entertained by that possible future. As we know, much of the future that was envisioned in The Jetsons has come to pass. But although...
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4 Ways to Help Your Student Deal With Stress

With first quarter and parent-teacher conferences over, our students can relax more now, right? Well, the truth is, this time of year can be tough. The newness of the start of the school year has passed, our days are getting shorter, and we’re spending more time indoors. This can all lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety, particularly if there are interpersonal relationship issues, stresses related to college admissions...
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