Eisner Scholar Caroline Johnson ’08 is on a lifelong adventure!

My Roycemore story began in 2004, when I entered the Upper School as a freshman after having skipped 8th grade in the Lake Forest public school system. To this day, I remember both my parents and I worrying about whether a school would be comfortable accepting a student who had made the decision to expedite her education. Not only was Roycemore less than concerned with it, they made my entire...
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Roots & Family

I have always had an appreciation for the outdoors. My Dad used to take my brother and me camping and hiking when we were kids. He grew up on a farm in southeastern Ohio and spent a lot of time outdoors. Even though I grew up in the city, he wanted me to experience some of the things he was able to experience as a child. I didn’t always love...
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Good Fortune

Chinese cuisine is one of my favorite foods. I love the incredible flavors and combinations. And of course at the end of many Chinese meals you get a cookie. Not just any cookie–a fortune cookie! How many of us look forward to breaking open that cookie to read the quote on the slip inside and secretly hope that it will provide us some inspiration? Perhaps something to make us think?...
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The Snowflake Dance

Recently I stepped into the Lower School music classroom, where our preschool students were engaged in class with their dedicated music teacher, Ms. Novesky. She was playing a sweet, classical piece on the piano and had instructed the students to pretend they were snowflakes and drift to the ground to the sound of the music. I couldn’t resist. I soon found myself joining them, imagining myself as a beautiful snowflake...
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Interdisciplinary Learning at Roycemore School

For many decades, traditional schools have divided what students learn in school into a few content areas: language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, fine arts, and so on. Of course, outside of school, our lives are not usually so succinctly divided. A simple trip to the grocery store involves reading food labels, calculating prices, and making healthy choices.  At Roycemore, we strive to make connections between content areas as much as...
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Connectedness: High Tech and Low Tech

There seems to be a lot of debate about the amount of emphasis on technology in our society today and its impact on young people.  In fact, just over the weekend I watched an interview of Simon Sinek and read a blog post by Peter Diamandis that expressed quite different perspectives. Sinek is an ethnographer by training and an adjunct of the RAND Corporation.  Sinek has received a lot of acclaim through his TED...
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