To Life. To Love. To Growth!!

I lived in Hawaii for 10 years.  Four of those years were on the Big Island, home to Kilauea Volcano.  I had the incredible opportunity to stand on the edge of a lava field and watch molten lava flow from deep inside the earth.  For some communities, the lava flow was destructive and devastating. At the same time, the flow of lava created new earth. The size of the Big...
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What Remote Learning at Roycemore Looks Like

Are you curious what remote learning at Roycemore looks like? We’ve seen students rope their pets into poetry presentations. We’ve seen teachers sing the day’s lesson plan.We’ve seen students showcase their parents’ party tricks in their math assignments.We’ve seen science experiments happening on kitchen tables.We’ve seen art projects that inspire students to repurpose household items. We’ve seen students who are typically hesitant to talk in class, give extended video presentations on Japanese literature...
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Do Something Positive

This past week has been tough for our country.  Fears related to the spread of the coronavirus have created great turbulence in the stock market as well as in our minds as we assess just how much of an impact the virus will have on our lives.  In times of uncertainty, and in situations where some things are out of our control, we do have the power to control what...
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The Turing Test: The Test our Students Won’t Ever Take That Will Significantly Influence Their Future

Photo Credit: Andy Kelly on Unsplash In 1950, Alan Turing, a British mathematician and computer scientist, wrote an article, Computing and Machinery Intelligence, that questioned what it would mean for machines to think.  He proposed a test whereby someone asks a question and it is answered by a computer in another room. The proposal was that if the inquirer could not determine whether the responder is human or machine, then...
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Seeking the Gifts

Dog just barfed on the carpet.Little Dalia is having a temper tantrum.Oatmeal got burnt while tending to the first two.Then forty-five minutes late to work because of all of these.Breathe.  Deep. Breaths. What makes us human is that we all have experiences that test us.  We also all have power to choose our response. And it’s human to screw up sometimes.  Well, many times. But each day is a new...
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An Interview with: Dr. Theodora Franck, Upper School Instructor and Northwestern University Coordinator

Who’s Who at Roycemore: Dr. Theodora Franck In room 232 of the Upper School, you may find nine Roycemore Upper School students silently writing, heads bowed over their desks, eyes focused on their laptops. Instructor Dori Franck is teaching Movies and Foodies, a short course Roycemore offers during the January Short Term (JST). She devotes some of the time to practice journal writing because the habit of intentionally pausing to...
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