“School is a place I can go to, to have a second life, away from home.  I think that a strength would be how easy it is to be friends with everyone.  There is so much love in our community and it makes people happy.”  – One high school student’s response to the question “What are the strengths or positive aspects of Roycemore?”   Recently the school sent out a...
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Building the Empathy Muscle: An Important Skill for our Future

Today’s newsletter piece serves as the culmination of our deeper exploration of Roycemore’s Portrait of a Graduate.  Over the last number of months, we have examined each of the subset of skills within the Portrait’s overarching tenets of Scholarship, Citizenship, and Emotional Intelligence and how we support students in acquiring these skills within our curricula and experiential programs from the age of three through high school graduation.  Last week, we...
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The Personalized College Counseling Process at Roycemore School

The Personalized College Counseling Process at Roycemore School Mauricio Robert, College Counselor    In the increasingly selective world of college admissions, there is nothing more important to achieving post-secondary success than careful planning. Most schools tend to offer guidance to students towards the end of Junior year and the beginning of Senior year, but this is typically not enough time to have a meaningful impact on maximizing students’ college opportunities....
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Interpersonal Skills

  How to thrive in a future where machines outsmart us   Former Google X Chief Business Officer, Mo Gawdat, predicts that by 2029, just eight years from now, the intelligence of machines that humans are building will equal or surpass the intelligence of their creators, commonly referred to as “the singularity.” Others predict the singularity won’t happen for a few years later, but consistently experts agree– it WILL happen....
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“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but by perseverance.” – H. Jackson Brown   In those moments that are really hard, where we are challenged the most and feel like giving up, what do we call upon to get through the difficulty? Let’s face it. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many of us in ways that we might never have...
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A college professor of an esteemed university received a call from a parent of a student in her class questioning the professor about the grade her child had received.  She argued that the grade was unfair.  In response, the professor reported that the paper was plagiarized, which violated the academic honor code and could not receive a passing grade.  The mother strenuously disagreed with the professor stating, “I know for...
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