“I wanted an education comprised of a rigorous academic curriculum and I believe that UIUC epitomizes that.”

I wanted an education comprised of a rigorous academic curriculum and I believe that UIUC epitomizes that. Not only does it have a high quality education, it provides such an education at a lower than average cost than other schools. I was also basically offered a full ride and it’s very important to me to graduate college debt free. UIUC offers a variety of options for any and everything which...
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“I get to pursue a career in something I love, while helping people better themselves.”

Junior year, I became obsessed with going to the gym and fitness. The times I enjoyed school the most were always during hands-on learning and projects. The National Personal Training Institute is extremely hands-on, half the time is spent in the classroom and the other half is spent in the gym, being shown exercises and techniques. Fitness is something I’m very passionate about; being able to pursue a career in...
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“I finally chose UW because I could not forget the small Seattle town in the rain and the campus full of cherry blossoms.”

My process of choosing school can be summed up in one word: tangled. After I submitted my application, I began to worry about whether any school would accept me. My parents asked questions about my application status every day, which made me feel stressed. My first offer was from Penn State University. When I learned that I was admitted, I couldn’t have been happier. I didn’t end up going to...
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“There are so many reasons why I picked Dartmouth.”

There are so many reasons why I picked Dartmouth. It is the perfect mix of great academics and the true college experience. The amount of school spirit is palpable, their football team is actually pretty good, and the Greek life is fun but also inclusive. The community feels like home. I also like Dartmouth’s strong desire to provide a liberal arts education. It is a college, so the focus is...
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Upper and Middle School Awards, 2019-2020

This June, we had a number of Roycemore students and members of our community who were recognized for their achievements and contributions during the 2019-2020-2019 school year. UPPER SCHOOL AWARDS 2020 Rebecca Ashley Thatcher Academic Department Awards Spanish – Ben Schweighauser Drama – Madeline Daniel Art – Madeline Daniel Music – Tiantian ‘Tina’ Zhang Science – Sooliat Bakare Math – Madeline Daniel English – Cara Marantz French – Richard Ackermann...
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A Tribute to the Class of 2020

This class of 13 students will be furthering their education at 12 different institutions in 10 different states from the east coast to the west coast and in-between.   They range from large public universities like The University of California- Davis,  to small private universities like Lawrence University, to Ivy League colleges like Dartmouth, to specialty programs like the National Personal Training Institute.  85% will be attending school outside of...
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