Listen When it is Hard

Last Thursday during our professional development time, the Roycemore faculty participated in a webinar offered by the Independent School Association of Central States (ISACS) on “Tools for Having Courageous Conversations Around Race, Culture & Beliefs” by Homa Tavanger.  The webinar was one of several activities that the faculty are participating in this year as part of our commitment to support diversity, equity, and inclusion at Roycemore. We will be continuing...
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Be a Rainbow in Somebody’s Cloud

Poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou was fond of saying, “Be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud.” Over the weekend, following my sharing of news to the community of the health issues of our long-time teacher and colleague, Mrs. Wunder, I received an outpouring of support from students, parents, alumni, and parents of alumni– all who felt compelled to reach out to show the love to Mrs. Wunder...
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What does it take to reach one’s true potential?  How would you know if you have reached yours? Can you know? Maybe not, however, you can commit to personal growth in a variety of aspects.  Just as in physical fitness, as soon as you reach one level of fitness and muscle strength, you have to work hard to maintain it, and extra hard to reach a new level of fitness...
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In October, I wrote to you about our “culture code” at Roycemore, sharing the results of an activity that the Roycemore faculty and staff engaged in to define the culture of our school community.  This culture code is now used when we are hiring new individuals to join our faculty and staff, and it reminds us why we believe in the value of our mission and vision at Roycemore. In...
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Why We Code

The third graders were just introduced to Sphero Mini, a small spherical robot that can be controlled with an iPad. As expected, they were very excited to try it. Cries of “That’s so cool!” and “I want to use one of those!” were heard as soon as the box was opened. After having some time to explore what the robot does, the students were given a task: using coding blocks,...
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Learning HOW to Think

Sometimes in order to truly “see” we need to narrow our focus–to bring our awareness to something distinct.  This helps bring more clarity. In our early childhood classrooms recently, as part of students’ study of the senses, children wore blindfolds before tasting food to help sharpen their recognition of taste.  By controlling what students could see, they could pay closer attention to whether they were tasting something sweet or tart....
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