Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Roycemore – You have arrived at an amazing place! On your path to discover whether Roycemore is the place for you or your child, let me share with you what I believe about our school.  

Roycemore . . .

  • Has a culture that challenges young people to reach further than they thought possible, and do so within an environment that not only accepts individuals for who they are, but embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of every member of our community.  

  • Is a place of authenticity. In our modern culture of pressure to conform to how we believe other people think we should look like or act like, Roycemore is counter-cultural. We are a community that embraced diversity long before it became the “thing” to do–because we believe in a culture of inclusion, and an environment where students feel both “at home” and a sense of belonging.

  • Is a place of high expectations. Author Wes Moore has said, “We’re not products of our environment. We are products of our expectations . . . what we expect of ourselves and what we expect of others.” At Roycemore, we have high expectations of our students, and those expectations are individualized and differentiated for each member of our community.

  • Provides opportunity for young people to do things they’ve never done before, in an environment of support and safety where students are encouraged to take educational risks and understand that failure is a critical step along the path to growth and success. So while we have high expectations, we have an environment where teachers truly know each student and support them as they work through challenges in their educational and life journey.

If this sounds like a place where you or your child can thrive, I encourage you to come see us!

Adrianne Finley Odell
Head of School

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