Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Roycemore School honors the diversity of our community.  We are a college preparatory school that recognizes and embraces the unique talents and attributes of individual students.  We believe that our differences are our strength and provide us with opportunities to appreciate multiple backgrounds and perspectives.

Through our curriculum and intentional conversations, we strive to open pathways for authentic understanding of ourselves and each other.  We celebrate the rich and varied tapestry that is our community as we endeavor to create a welcoming and inclusive school. We respect, affirm, and seek to protect the dignity of all.


                                                                – Approved by the Roycemore School Board of Trustees, June 14, 2018

Roycemore has a welcoming, positive, and energetic school culture. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents work together to maintain a community that reflects the School’s core values: respect for others, appreciation of differences, and a commitment to academic excellence in a challenging but non-competitive environment. This culture is supported by character education in Lower School, and Advisory in Middle and Upper Schools, where students select their faculty advisors and engage in small group conversation about issues relevant to adolescents. Parents are encouraged to be involved and to help enrich and sustain the family-like atmosphere of the school.

Roycemore welcomes all who share our passion for inspiring young people to achieve excellence and who celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of every individual. The Roycemore community includes many different kinds of students and families from throughout Chicago, Evanston, and the northern suburbs.

Social Justice and Our Community

On June 30, 2020, Roycemore School hosted Critical Conversations on Race and Social Justice in our Community.  We partnered with The Latin School of Chicago and invited two distinguished educators to speak.  To better understand the context for this moment, the President of Rutgers University and Distinguished Professor, Dr. Jonathan Holloway, offered a historical perspective, referencing the foundational documents of America. To acknowledge the trauma and anger that members of our community are feeling, Dr. Anthony Chambers, shared his thoughts on how we might individually and collectively address these feelings and work together as school communities for both healing and real social change.