Roycemore Board of Trustees 2018-2019


Thomas J. Ellis – Chair
Jose-Luis Bretones – Vice Chair
Anne M. Aune ’86 – Secretary
Jack O’Brien ’09 – Treasurer
Adrianne Finley Odell – President
Anthony Chambers, Ph.D.
Liz Ellrodt
Seema Gorla, M.D. 
Sonny Hersh
Scott Kinsloe ‘72
Elizabeth Landon
Aleksandra Egelja-Maruszewski
Deborah Pergament ‘87
Kathleen Scheidt
Barbara Thomas
David Wilts

Vision Statement
Roycemore School will sustain our legacy of outstanding college preparatory education within our nurturing community. We remain committed to enhanced opportunities for student learning as we develop new centers of academic excellence, increase our engagement with our local community and develop long range fiscal plans to sustain our school for future generations.