Summer Programs Are Underway!

Why summer camps?

The freedom of the summer vacation offers students a unique chance to grow – personally, socially, and academically – all while having fun and making new friends. Camp Griffin, Inspiration Factory, and RoyceX have been designed with these goals in mind!

Fun and play

Camp Griffin allows our younger students to relax, unwind, and learn through fun and play, under the supervision of our dynamic and experienced camp counseling team.

New subjects and experiential learning

The Inspiration Factory is a range of fun and interdisciplinary camps that blend science, technology, and the creative arts in ways designed to engage our younger students. For our older students, RoyceX courses will give a taster of college-level subjects that they may not encounter during the regular school year. From Astronomy to Crime Scene Investigation, to Creative Writing, the exciting range of RoyceX options has something for everyone!

Across all our camps, the emphasis is firmly on experiential learning – the idea that a subject can be mastered by doing it somehow. Inspiration Factory and RoyceX in particular are packed with hands-on activities, discussions, and project work. For a student in Little Chefs & Manners, that might mean learning to set a dinner table, or mastering the recipe for cookie dough. For a student in RoyceX Medicine, it might mean learning to do CPR or dissection. The list is endless!

Expert faculty

There are Roycemore superstars teaching across all of our summer camps. Play and make new friends on Camp Griffin with Mr. Bailey, Ms. Dinelli, Coach Long, Ms. Rivard-Hoster, and Ms. St-Amand! Learn and create on Inspiration Factory with Ms. Aksamitowski, Ms. Massey, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Taylor-Pines! And immerse yourself in college-level thinking on RoyceX with Dr. Dudek, Coach Fawbush, Ms. Hecht, Mr. Mahlan, and Mr. Stanley!

And some of our RoyceX courses are being taught by emerging experts in their fields. This year, our Architecture courses will be taught by Hannah Cushing, and our Medicine courses will be taught by Cheryl Mensah and Diamond Dominguez – all Northwestern graduates. Our Creative Writing courses will be taught by Lawrence Ruba, a screenwriter and a consultant at The Writing Place who’s working his way toward Hollywood!

Between them, our summer staff will not just supervise our students. They will teach them and help them to grow – emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

Field trips

As well as all that learning, we want to recognize and celebrate the fact that summer is finally here! Our camps will make the most of the amazing resources at our fingertips in Evanston and across the Chicagoland area. RoyceX courses in particular will include field trips to some of the city’s best-known museums and galleries. (Please note, the enrollment fee includes the cost of all admissions!)

Friendships beyond summer

Our summer camps are open to students from schools across Chicago and Illinois. So, whether a student is from Roycemore or not, everyone will have a chance to make new friends, and to create bonds that long outlast the summer.


Dr. Luke Berryman, Director of Inspiration Factory and RoyceX
Both Long, Director of Camp Griffin