Faculty Friday: Mauricio Robert

Meet Mauricio Robert, Roycemore’s College Counselor!

Mauricio came to Roycemore in 2020 as a recent graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where his focus was on adolescent counseling. His driving passion is improving college access opportunities for students of all backgrounds. He comes from Greater Boston Area, where he counseled junior and senior high school students to help them find good college fits based on both their academic profiles and personal interests. 

Mauricio promotes post-secondary success by helping students identify how their academic strengths and passions translate into college ambitions. His approach to counseling work is a holistic one, as he employs advising and counseling practices that are both academically sound and empathetic to students’ many different needs. Mauricio embraces the multifaceted nature of college counseling. He enjoys working with students on a wide variety of topics such as navigating the complexities of the financial aid process, identifying reward letter gaps, drafting personal statements, finding scholarship opportunities, and helping students prepare for interviews. More than anything, Mauricio believes in encouraging students to self-advocate and take ownership of their academic experiences by making choices to pursue genuine personal interests throughout high school.

Mauricio also brings experience as a tutor in many subject areas as well as providing test preparation and strategies for the ACT, SAT, SATII Subject Tests, and AP tests.  His work helped improve students’ composite ACT scores by an average of 5 points and SAT scores by an average of 200 points.

When asked, “Why Roycemore?” Mr. Robert said, “College counseling is a field that ideally requires a lot of individualized attention. When I saw the small and intimate environment that Roycemore has and learned about the school’s emphasis on authenticity, I thought I had found the perfect working environment to help nurture students’ personal passions through their college application process.”

Roycemore’s graduating classes consistently boast a 100% college acceptance rate, many to their top choice school. “Overall, the work I do at Roycemore is more than just getting students into college. It is about helping them develop their identities as young adults through their pursuit of genuine passions. I hope that this type of counseling can not only make the college application process less stressful for students but also encourage them to view high school as an opportunity for meaningful self-discovery,” Mr. Robert says.

Learn more about Roycemore’s personalized college counseling process here. 

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