Faculty Friday: Amy Milner

Meet Amy Milner-Gorvine, Middle School Humanities Teacher and Roycemore’s Elinor Rice Fuchs Teacher of the Year 2021!

Amy has been working in the field of education for over 20 years. Over the course of her career, she has taught everything from three-year-old preschool to college classes. Her passion, however, is working with middle school students. She loves how they constantly surprise her and keep her on her toes. She loves her students and hopes that they learn nearly as much from her as she learns from them.

Academically, Ms. Milner has studied education, political science, history, reading, literature, and middle school education. In addition to her formal education, she has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to live and study abroad, including a year as an AFS exchange student in South Africa and a year of college at Tel Aviv University. She has presented at conferences run by the Alternative Schools Network (ASN) and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS).

Ms. Milner says, “I teach because it is in my blood; it is who I am. Teaching invigorates me and fills my soul. It is a career where I make a difference and no day is the same. I hope that my students learn to think for themselves, speak their minds, and be a force of good in the world. These are our future leaders. I believe in them, and I strive to create a learning environment where they believe in themselves.”

Ms. Milner received the Elinor Rice Fuchs Teacher of the Year 2021 for many of the qualities exemplifies. Students often think of her as their “school mom” and they know they can trust her. Amy is progressive with curriculum, blending in art, drama, science, or other disciplines to the Humanities classroom to make learning more authentic. One of her colleagues said, “She is always taking care of things in the coolest, calmest way. She is a lovely colleague. She can take big messy problems and boil them down to the essence and deal with them with skill.”

When asked, “Why Roycemore?” Amy responded, “Roycemore is a place where everyone is respected for who they are. We challenge our students to take risks, go deeper, and push themselves, despite knowing that risk-taking can mean failure. To that end, we take a design thinking approach, where failure is just another step in the process. Roycemore is unique in that we apply the same model to our teachers as we do to our students. As professionals at Roycemore, we are encouraged to grow as educators, with the understanding that failure can sometimes be part of the process. I appreciate that I get to work in a place where I am valued for who I am, encouraged to try new things, and become the best that I can be.”

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