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Summer programs were limited when I was a kid. Summers for me as a child were filled with one of three things: 1) church camp (whether a camper/ counselor or eventually a lifeguard); 2) hours on end at the community pool; or 3) going camping with my family. By the time my daughter came along, summer camp was a necessity so that her Dad and I had care for her while we worked. The bonus of her being in camp was that her summers were enriched with so many opportunities to learn and grow. I believe that my daughter’s summer experiences contributed as much to her learning and growing as she received from her formal education during the school year.

The offerings in Roycemore’s summer programs are intended to provide a full range of opportunities for students of all ages to engage, connect, and explore through unique immersion experiences. This summer, Roycemore will be offering both traditional, fun day camp experiences through Camp Griffin, as well as experiential specialty camps through Inspiration Factory and RoyceX. Programs are custom designed for the different age groups for which they are offered. They leverage the expertise available in the Roycemore community as well as our location in Evanston with close proximity to Chicago.

This year, summer camp courses feature favorites from years past, as well as new experiences for students to learn about topics they may be passionate about. A new offering this year, for example, is “Architecture: Building the World Around Us.” Not only will middle and upper school students get to visit some of the iconic buildings of Chicago, but they will see and learn from a project up close and personal– the construction of the new stairwell that will be underway for the Innovation Center. Students will have the opportunity to hear from Roycemore’s architects and Vision-Design Team members about the process for developing the Innovation Center and will even get opportunities to provide input to the process.

Astronomy & Astrophysics makes a command appearance from its inaugural summer program last year with two separate programs specific to middle and upper school students. Taught by graduate astronomy students from Northwestern and leveraging Roycemore’s relationship with Vicky Kalogera, a Guggenheim fellow and global expert on black holes, students will learn about the Big Bang, the life cycle of stars and the mystery of dark matter. The course even includes a visit to The Adler Planetarium!

Additional exciting programs range from a mini-golf PGA tour, to sailing on Lake Michigan, or traversing the Freedom Trail in Boston through RoyceX Boston. There really is something for every student and every age.

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In partnership for the education of your student,
Adrianne Finley Odell
Head of School