The Humans of Roycemore

In 2010, a photographer by the name of Brandon Stanton, decided to start a photography project with the goal to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers.  His project took off through his social media posts and then his book.  He called it Humans of New York.  Over time, his project expanded to interviewing many individuals to pay tribute to them and catalog their stories. 

Photographs provide us with a powerful way of capturing a moment or conveying a feeling.  Over the course of a year, we capture many scenes of the Humans of Roycemore.  This photograph, taken on Saturday at our Catapult to the Future, beautifully conveys the friendship of three young Roycemore students, holding hands as they prepare to ascend the stairs to the future Innovation Center.  They are marking this journey together, looking ahead to their future.

Saturday’s event represented a significant milestone of one of the first events that brought students, parents, teachers, and family members together from all four divisions of the school for a fun and engaging day that was all about community and our future.  We are taking exciting steps forward together as we reclaim the wonderful community spirit that the pandemic has dulled.  I could not be more proud of the way we have navigated this public health crisis together.  As Rutger Bregman writes in “Humankind:  A Hopeful History,” “It’s when crisis hits–when the bombs fall or the floodwaters rise– that we humans become our best selves.”  I believe this is true in how the Roycemore community came together to support each other in this pandemic and how we will continue the steps forward to rebuild. I also hope that it is what we will continue to see in the world’s response to the unprovoked war in Ukraine. Our collective thoughts and prayers are with them.

In the remaining months of this school year, the Humans of Roycemore will have many more opportunities to come together and celebrate our special community.  The upcoming RFA events- Wine Tasting, Blaze Pizza Night, and Trivia Night are among them.  Middle School students will again offer babysitting nights for younger students to earn money for their spring trip to NYC. The Upper School film production will premiere its original Horror Film with a red carpet night.  We’ll have Theme Week and Experience Week Expos right before spring break.  Then as we approach the end of the school year we’ll come together for our Scholarship Fundraiser.  We’ll recognize our faculty at the Celebration of Dedication & Excellence.  And we’ll even be able to once again gather as a community to honor the school’s oldest tradition– Palio.

I hope you will mark your calendars to join us for as many of the upcoming events as possible.  Please be sure to pay attention to these dates in the weekly newsletter, and clear your calendar so you can join us. I feel certain you will find a community connection that will be meaningful to you.  As Rutger Bregman again wrote, “Ideas are never merely ideas.  We are what we believe.  We find what we go looking for. And what we predict, comes to pass.”

In partnership for the education of your student,

Adrianne Finley Odell

Head of School