“School is a place I can go to, to have a second life, away from home.  I think that a strength would be how easy it is to be friends with everyone.  There is so much love in our community and it makes people happy.”  – One high school student’s response to the question “What are the strengths or positive aspects of Roycemore?”


Recently the school sent out a survey to our community to invite your feedback on how Roycemore is performing in a variety of ways.  We are grateful to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts with us.  Your feedback is informing the work of the school’s Strategic Planning Committee as we zero in on goals and strategies for the School for the next few years.  


We are pleased that 92.09% of families rated their overall satisfaction with Roycemore as very satisfied or satisfied.  That being said, we never rest on our laurels, we look for ways we can continuously improve and your feedback is an important part of that process– as is the work of the Strategic Planning Committee.  While the work of the committee is ongoing throughout the remainder of this school year, we thought it would be helpful to share some of the feedback from the parent and student community surveys now.  139 parents and 91 fifth-twelfth grade students responded to the survey.  Here are some of their responses:


What are the things that you particularly like about Roycemore that make you want to stay?* 

Parents Students
  1. Small Class Sizes
  1. Small Class Sizes
      2. Quality of Faculty/ Leadership        2.  Quality of Faculty/ Leadership
      3. Inclusivity & Diversity        3. Sense of Community
      4. Sense of Community        4. Safety & Security


*It is notable that the  #1 and #2 responses for parents and students are identical.  Parents and students also ranked “sense of community” among their top four.  While both parents and students express their appreciation for inclusivity and diversity, it ranked higher for parents. A top response for students was safety and security.  Given other student responses to the survey, we interpret this to represent “psychological safety.”  Students are appreciated for who they are and can feel safe to be fully themselves, as represented by 89% of students agreeing or strongly agreeing with the statement, “Each student feels well known by the school and is comfortable with being themself.”


Which goals does Roycemore School best achieve?

Parents Students
1. Offering a Dedicated & Caring Faculty
  1. Offering a Dedicated & Caring Faculty
2. Offering a Student-Centered Environment       2. Offering a Collaborative Community
3. Developing core values of our students of scholarship, integrity, community, respect, and compassion       3. Offering a Student-Centered Environment
4. Experiential & Project-Based Learning       4. Helping Students Discover Their Passions


What 2-3 words best characterize students and/or families that thrive in the Roycemore community?

  • Curious
  • Motivated
  • Open-Minded

[These three responses were closely followed by “kind,” “compassionate.” and “collaborative”]

What should Roycemore School prioritize to improve upon during the next five years?

Parents Students
1. Academic Program 1. Athletic Program
2. Math/ Science 2. Math/ Science
3. Technology 3. Technology


What are the strengths or positive aspects of the school?

Parents Students
  • Small size
  • Approachable/ supportive faculty/ staff
  • Individual approach to learning
  • Inclusive/ diverse
  • Non-competitive focus
  • Responsive administration
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Everything! (x3)*
  • Approachable/ supportive faculty/ staff
  • Relationships with teachers
  • Strong sense of community
  • Differentiated instruction

[* three students responded “EVERYTHING” to this question!]


The responses to the community survey were affirming for us.  Thank you so much for acknowledging so many of the things that we also love about Roycemore.  We also take to heart the suggestions for where we can improve and are having ongoing conversations about them.  For example, math, science and technology will be further emphasized through the STEAM programs and activities that will be made possible when the Innovation Center is completed as part of the GriffINNovation Campaign.  


We are so very fortunate to have an educational community that has a clear direction for the future, is aligned behind that direction, and is committed to it.  When an organization has direction, alignment, and commitment concurrently, powerful things can happen and that is happening NOW at Roycemore.  We are so grateful for your partnership as we continue to build upon the great foundation we have to solidify a beautiful and powerful future for our students, school, and community.


In partnership for the education of your students,

Adrianne Finley Odell

Head of School