Elinor Rice Fuchs Teacher of the Year for 2021: Amy Milner-Gorvine

While all teachers make an impact, today we are going to acknowledge one very special teacher with the Elinor Rice Fuchs Award. As the drama teacher, “Ricey” devoted long hours after school to guide the rehearsal of wonderful plays, to listen to her students, and to offer wise counsel with a healthy mixture of laughter and gravitas. The School has chosen to honor these twin attributes of promoting excellence and building special relationships with students by identifying an Elinor Rice Fuchs Distinguished Teacher each year.

In order to be eligible for the award, a member of the faculty (not administration) must have taught at Roycemore for a minimum of five years and must not have received the award in any of the last five years.

As the committee of faculty members met this year to select a recipient for this award, they all agreed that this teacher reflects all of the qualities that are outlined for this award. Like “Ricey” this teacher also devotes long hours after school to support students. Her colleagues comment about her tremendous dedication and how she “always does amazing things with the kids and thinks nothing about going above and beyond in any way.” She is the essence of what makes a great Roycemore teacher, providing support to students and parents, ensuring that they are known and loved. Students often think of her as their “school mom” and they know they can trust her.

One of her colleagues said, “She is always taking care of things in the coolest, calmest way. She is a lovely colleague. She can take big messy problems and boil them down to the essence and deal with them with skill.”

Teaching in a pandemic has been incredibly difficult and despite her own concerns she pushed through them to serve as a steady force for students and parents. In a fall parent survey, there was comment after comment from parents who singled her out during this pandemic that she has been a “rock”. She’s been that strong and supportive person for parents and students during a stressful time. On top of that she is progressive with curriculum, blending in art, drama, science or other disciplines to the Humanities classroom to make learning more authentic. Her impact is felt beyond our middle school, however. In fact, this year she worked with Nina, one of our graduates, on an independent study in Judaic History. Even our Early Childhood teachers know and love Amy because she is someone who brings us all together as a community.

The Elinor Rice Fuchs Distinguished Teacher of the Year is Amy Milner-Gorvine.