Introducing The Portrait of a Roycemore Graduate

I am excited to share with you today the product of excellent work created by a cross-section of our community including students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents of alumni, led by our Upper School Head, Mrs. Stefanie Rivera. This group was charged with an important task, to develop Roycemore’s Portrait of a Graduate.

The Portrait of a Graduate serves as a strategic direction and vision for the overall educational experience for our students and identifies the skills and habits of mind that we believe are essential for young people to possess for success in a rapidly changing and complex world. It will serve as a vision for Roycemore as we engage in a process to take a closer look at our curriculum and assessment and build in a greater school-wide focus on the integration of these skills and habits.

You will see our Griffin Graduate in the middle surrounded by Scholarship, Citizenship and Emotional Intelligence. In the coming weeks, I will address each of these in more detail. For today, I will simply share that I am energized by this vision and look forward to working with you and our faculty to support all of our students with this framework.