With high temperatures getting up to 40 degrees this week, it has many of us thinking of spring and some of us already dreaming about summer! This is especially true for our new Roycemore Summer Camp Directors Dr. Luke Berryman and Both Long. You know Luke as our Gifted Coordinator and Both as our Athletic Director, however, they are also the creative dynamic duo behind new approaches and offerings for Summer Programs this year.

Both Long will step in as Director of Camp Griffin following Dea Beaugrand’s retirement last summer, having established Camp Griffin in 1975! Both joined Roycemore last summer working with Dea to run Roycemore’s first summer camp during a pandemic. It was thanks to his partnership with Dea, guidance from our Health and Safety Task Force, and his leadership, that Roycemore was able to offer in person camp experiences safely with significant mitigation strategies that resulted in ZERO COVID cases all summer.

This summer, Both returns with the experience he gained from last year to provide even more exceptional in-person experiences that will include cooking, creative arts, dancing, drama, egg-drop experiences, human chess, music, shaving cream art, soap slip-n-slide and a range of field trips. It’s no surprise that we already have students that have signed up for the entire summer — students who return year-after-year, recognizing that Roycemore Camps are unparalleled in our area.

Dr. Luke Berryman is Director of Inspiration Factory, taking the helm from Melinda Orzoff who also retired last year. In addition to Inspiration Factory, Luke has created a whole new set of offerings geared toward middle and upper school students through RoyceX. These newly designed courses provide opportunities for campers to engage in transformative and personalized learning on campus and in the city. Students break down the walls between the classroom and the world through hands-on learning experiences. Exciting new offerings include courses in medical science, astronomy, psychology, criminology, and engineering.

A special highlight are the Xplore Course options in Sports Business, Management and Psychology where students spend the morning working on the academic side of the sports world, studying the psychology of the game, the transformation of teams into successful businesses and the ways that athletes, clubs and franchises are managed. Then in the afternoons, they refine their own game and work on their fitness, skill and speed with Roycemore’s coaching staff!

Virtual Course opportunities will also be available in Creative Writing, Politics, Critical Thinking and Stop Motion Animation. Last year’s inaugural virtual courses enjoyed enrollment from students as far away as Puerto Rico and Canada, so tell your families and friends in other states about these opportunities to join a class with their Chicagoland friend or cousin. It’s a great opportunity!

You can learn more about all of the Summer Programs at RoycemoreSchool.org/Summer. Don’t just dream about those sunny days ahead, make plans now — before all the spots fill up!