Dear Roycemore Families,

Here we are, the end of the semester already! And the end of the year– one unlike any that most of us have experienced. I expect you would agree with me that there are many things about 2020 that we would like to put behind us. And we welcome, with open arms, a new year ahead that we hope will be much brighter than the year that has passed.

That being said, there are likely many experiences that we have had over the past 10 months that were positive– or at least interesting– experiences that never would have happened were it not for the coronavirus.

As we end the year and prepare for a new one, I encourage you to reflect on those things that have been positive or interesting experiences you have benefited from. And when the pandemic ends, what are those things that we gained, that we might not want to lose from our lives. What did you learn about yourself in the process? What did you learn about others and the world? And given what you have learned, what might you share with others?

For me, I have learned more than ever before about the power of our community. The Roycemore community has become stronger than ever through this pandemic. I am so grateful for the tremendous support, partnership, and love that exists at Roycemore. Thank you for embracing this very important core value during these difficult times. That is how we support children and it is how we support each other. There is going to be one very big hugfest when it is safe to do so. We are in a massive hug deficit. So for now, accept this virtual hug of love and appreciation for working through these challenging times. We are so lucky to have the special community of Roycemore!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!