Thirteen Hours…Seven Thousand Miles- Music Brings Our Community Together

“The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment.” -Avatamsaka Sutra

Last week, I received an extraordinary gift in my inbox. It was the day before Election Day. Most inboxes and social media threads were filled with partisan positioning that added a layer of stress and pressure to our day. But last Monday, in the midst of those emails was one from Roycemore Sophomore, Owen Xu, with a link to a concert entitled, Original Intentions. Owen founded the Roycemore Music Club in September with the mission to “provide a stage to the world for Roycemore musicians.” Several Upper School students have joined the club, sponsored by music teacher, Marysue Redmann.

Original Intentions features seven songs by five students, an alumna, and a faculty member. One of the members/ performers, Alan Wang, is a new student who enrolled as a member of our Junior Class this year. He commenced the year as a remote student like many of our other international students. In his video introduction he shared that music helps him to “energize and uplift” himself and to “escape from the stress and burdens” that he feels from time to time. As I listened to the concert, Alan’s words resonated with me. Music has the ability to touch one’s soul and capture one’s emotions in unique and powerful ways. What struck me about the new Roycemore Music Club is how it serves as a connection, bringing our students and faculty together across 7,000 miles and 13 hours of difference between time zones. COVID-19 has been difficult for our community, we are a close knit group that thrives on being together, working together, problem solving together, playing sports together, and creating together.

The Roycemore Music Club has found a way for us to strengthen connections in spite of not being able to be together during the pandemic. The Club features and celebrates the musical talents of our community. It is a bright spot during a challenging time. In addition to their gift of music, the club also has a goal to support service. Club members encourage individuals to subscribe to their YouTube channel and to make a donation to a charity. They suggest either Doctors Without Borders or the Roycemore COVID Relief Scholarship Fund.

CLICK HERE to Listen to this month’s concert, and if you feel moved, please make a donation.