Alumni Feature: Zoe Kruse ’19

Zoe Kruse chose to attend Smith College after graduating from high school at Roycemore. Her parents are looking forward to visiting her on the East Coast, as they encouraged her to go away for school and strike out on a new path. Zoe is an incredible catch for Smith, as she was also accepted to Northwestern University, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley, Boston College, Vassar, Vermont, and Clark. Quite an impressive set of options. Zoe spent her years at Roycemore fostering a deeper interest in the sciences while engaging in competitive rock climbing outside of school. Citing her best asset as tenacity, Zoe doesn’t know yet what she will do in her next step, but the future is wide open. She hopes it includes hiking the Appalachian Trail!

“My time at Roycemore was defined by the things that make it a great experience for so many of us. We had small class sizes, so we could dive deeper. We had personal relationships with all of our teachers, and they really got to know us, how to help us, and how to push us. We were a close community that supported each other. I would tell freshman that academics should come first, but make time for the other stuff – it is just as important. Roycemore allowed me to do just that.”