“There are so many reasons why I picked Dartmouth.”

There are so many reasons why I picked Dartmouth. It is the perfect mix of great academics and the true college experience. The amount of school spirit is palpable, their football team is actually pretty good, and the Greek life is fun but also inclusive. The community feels like home. I also like Dartmouth’s strong desire to provide a liberal arts education. It is a college, so the focus is on undergraduates, and all the faculty are very involved with helping their students succeed. Each student gets to explore whatever majors they are interested in before committing their sophomore year. Also, the academic system is called the D-Plan, and the way it is organized makes studying abroad and getting internships much easier and your schedule much more flexible. Lastly, Hanover is the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen. It is the epitome of New England. The leaves in the fall are unlike anything else—they are so, so beautiful. Dartmouth has been my dream school since I was seven, and when I got my acceptance letter, there was no question where I would go.

– Cara, Class of 2020

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