Elinor Rice Fuchs Teacher of the Year for 2020 · Julie Herrick

While all teachers make an impact, today we are going to acknowledge one very special teacher with the Elinor Rice Fuchs Award.   As the drama teacher, “Ricey” devoted long hours after school to guide the rehearsal of wonderful plays, to listen to her students, and to offer wise counsel with a healthy mixture of laughter and gravitas. The School has chosen to honor these twin attributes of promoting excellence and building special relationships with students by identifying an Elinor Rice Fuchs Distinguished Teacher each year.

In order to be eligible for the award, a member of the faculty (not administration) must have taught at Roycemore for a minimum of FIVE years and must not have received the award in any of the last five years.

As the committee of faculty members met this year to select a recipient for this award, they all agreed that this teacher reflects all of the qualities that are outlined for this award.  Like “Ricey” this teacher also devotes long hours after school to support students.  Her colleagues comment about how she does all that she does in such an understated and quiet way that is so humble.  She carries a very heavy teaching load and her relationships with students allow her to always have a calm and productive classroom that is also very fun for students.  She came to Roycemore in quite an unusual way 8 years ago when the prior teacher was here for a month and left.  She came in and very gracefully took over all the classes.  She teaches first graders through seniors and has tremendous capacity.  As the artist she is, she is always creating. She created the Variety Show.  She started the Acapella program.  She built the piano program.  She created a choir program that takes Middle and Upper School students to retirement homes to sing.  She brought back AP Music Theory and teaches music composition.  And the musicals that she is able to create and direct with our small student census are incredible– Les Miserables was indeed a triumph and a career-long goal for her.  And she does this because she loves Roycemore so dearly.  It is my distinct honor to announce our Elinor Rice Fuchs Distinguished Teacher of the Year is- Julie Herrick.