A Tribute to the Class of 2020

This class of 13 students will be furthering their education at 12 different institutions in 10 different states from the east coast to the west coast and in-between.   They range from large public universities like The University of California- Davis,  to small private universities like Lawrence University, to Ivy League colleges like Dartmouth, to specialty programs like the National Personal Training Institute.  85% will be attending school outside of Illinois.  40 universities offered admission to the class and 77% of the seniors received admission acceptance to a top choice college.  It’s quite incredible the diversity that exists in this small but mighty Class of 2020.  And they are each carving out their path that is uniquely theirs-  this is the power of the opportunity they have had to develop and grow as individuals these past four years in the Upper School.

And during their time in our Upper School they have had some interesting pursuits:

  • Rob has been a leader in the D & D Club and built a 3D printer during his JST last year.
  • Mason has pursued an interest in Personal Training- and spent his JST shadowing a personal trainer inspiring him to pursue this path next year!
  • Cara spent a semester in Israel, served as an intern at the Anti-Defamation League and as an editor for JGirls online magazine.
  • Damon created a table tennis club.
  • Tina volunteered with the Chicago Marathon.
  • Sunny taught herself Korean.
  • Emeline has worked at Whole Foods
  • Rowan held a job as a parking attendant near Wrigley Field.
  • And Sooliat led a Sustainability initiative at Roycemore.

The Class of 2020 also fully took advantage of JST to pursue interesting topics:

  • Like Rob who worked on costume design with electronic components
  • Or Damon who learned How to Dress Like a Fashionista
  • Or Ismael and Emeline who learned the fundamentals of fundraising,
  • Or Sooliat who studies the disease ecology and epidemiology of Ebola
  • Or Lee and Rowan who focused on two of my favorites– Movies and Foodies!

Our seniors give back, whether it is through their volunteer service on National Honor Society- which Sunny, Cara, Damon, Tina, Sooliat, Rachel and Madeline are all members;  or as admissions ambassadors, or with Carnival- which Rachel and Sunny provided leadership with. Tina, Sunny and Sooliat were so committed to service that they were also members of the Community Service Club.  And Madeline, Rachel, Ismael and Emeline even helped with our fundraising efforts participating in calling alumni and grandparents to ask for their support of the school.  They, along with Sooliat, also helped us pull off our very first virtual Scholarship fundraiser, raising over $130,000 to support Roycemore’s scholarship fund!

Roycemore theatre performances have benefitted from the deep talent in this class.  This year,: 

  • Emeline, Ismael, Sooliat, Rachel and Madeline performed in our spring play, Our Town.
  • They, along with Sunny, Tina pulled off the roles of the Judge, Amos Hart, Hunyak, Kitty, Matron Mama Morton, June and Mary Sunshine in the fall musical- Chicago.
  • Tina and Sunny play the piano, and Lee is learning to play!  Tina also sung in the ACapella and regular choirs.

Our seniors are publishers with Madeline and Emeline serving as senior editors of the yearbook, Ismael serving as Captain’s editor and Rob serving on the staff.

Our seniors are athletic, with:

  • Rachel, Cara, and Sooliat serving on the Volleyball team
  • Sooliat and Damon playing soccer
  • And Rachel and Sooliat participating in Basketball.
  • And Sooliat, Mason, Lee, Cara, Rachel and Damon all participated in tumbling for some or all of their years in the Upper School.

The senior class has fully enjoyed the variety of ways that they have been able to interact with younger students in the building, from Carnival, to the Zone, to Lunar New Year, Wassail and Griffin Buddies.  Mason especially enjoyed being a mentor to his Griffin Buddy- Elliott.

The Class of 2020 is a class of scholars with Madeline, Emeline and Ismael serving on our Scholastic Bowl team; Cara, Rachel, Emeline and Madeline taking classes at Northwestern this year; two of our seniors- Tina and Rachel were named AP Scholars, Madeline was named an AP Scholar with Distinction, and Cara was named an AP Scholar with Honors. Sooliat, Ismael, Mason, Lee, Rowan and Rob were recognized with the President’s Award for Educational Achievement and Rache, Madeline, Emeline, Sunny, Cara, Damon and Tina were recognized with the President’s Award for Educational Excellence.  

With all of this achievement, it is no wonder that our 13 seniors have been offered over $1.8M in scholarships to college in the years ahead.

I am very proud to present to you the Roycemore School, Class of 2020!