In Appreciation of ALL Teachers

“Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers.” 
-Mahatma Ghandi              

This week is teacher appreciation week.  For most of us this is the first time we have blurred the lines between school and home in such powerful and extraordinary ways.  Students’ homes already were, in many ways, an extension of the classroom but the COVID-19 pandemic has provided new insight for parents into the education of your children and the work your children’s teachers do to support the intellectual and social-emotional growth of your child.  

It’s exhausting, hard work.  And yet there is nothing more rewarding for a teacher than to see their students grasp a new academic concept or master a skill after watching them struggle through a challenge.  Being an eyewitness to such growth is inspiring and we hope that one of the positive outcomes of remote learning, is the opportunity for parents to closely observe these important breakthroughs.

Mahatma Ghandi recognized the key role that families play in the education of their children and now more than ever before, a strong school-home partnership is critical to maximize student growth.  Today we pay tribute to Roycemore teachers, AND to the parents who have worked closely with the teachers to help facilitate the great lessons that our teachers have prepared.  We thank you for your partnership!